Wednesday, January 16, 2013


(part of an ongoing series of speaking in tongues the devil can't understand aka WE ARE LIVING IN THE DAYS OF BABBLE and you're smartfone is the tower)

You have noted the statements said playing in the backyard of his uncle, well, he also called David "Father", and because his father died before he was old enough to know him. As a way to play with these magnets, Jacob found that mission or purpose in life. So he said to David, and said: "Dad, I know you know that." David replied: "Jacob: What is it that you know that I know that?" Jacob's response was: "I'm going to do when I'm with a man," that is, when he finished with the study of genetics. David said: "James, you do not know if you're a person other than the original one already here on earth, you will make the devil himself?" Jacob replied: "But I know you know that." Continuity of Jacob says he knows that his uncle can not get the impression that Jacob's uncle did not know the mission or purpose on earth. And when talking about today, I would not be surprised if a few devil is not a book, because if they put on a birth control in Liberia, which makes other people than we originally, of course it was "did not say the name of charity, but do not be afraid We have the power needed to do the hard work, Brother James reached the age of 12, in other words, it is the knowledge of how he would plant and complete all the universities across the Holy Land, and start walking on the currency black people satisfied his doctrine is based. lies and subterfuge, Genesis 27:35 and Numbers about how he, Jacob, his father's business, competitive, and early 27:36 immigrants will take moths of law. stage of this discovery was to rule over the entire planet, the children of Jacob for 6000 by replacing it. brother, if our history checkYakub close enough, we will to find that he has distinguished his work by replacing Elijah Muhammad said, "Our brothers and sisters in black followed Jacob know that he meant depriving them of their dignity. birth to their right, their clothes (brain average) and I had no idea that he, Jacob, I would deny they expose themselves or their clothing to cover nakedness.

Oh, if I follow the steps of the children of Jacob's day was given, is looking comparable to his works, we all that he and scientists do not go back there, done here today can find, the only difference is the names medical terms or technical change more calls or more scientific terms, which in turn is a form of the highest teachings of tricknology words, etc..

To see whether children of Jacob to compare the works of Ben, we know that he was stripped of the brothers and sisters of the "holy garments" clothes that cover their bodies holy / black. We now see that our clothes on our sisters, our clothes on their backs. You see, my brethren, when your sister or brother has his or her own clothing saints, all the others I actually use them to deceive others. This is Mr. James can not be, because if it was it took him 600 years to come up with its own culture, the brother and sister immorality allowed him to get more children to attract. He made them, they wear cloth only expose themselves, more than half of their bodies exposed to the naked eye. Remember, it was the essence of an experiment that will pass me. So today and for the past four hundred and 10 years, we see the children of Jacob, are experimenting with even more subtle way to their father.

A good place to start would be "Liberia" review. We know that mr. Jacob has a strict control of his birth to the beginning of civilization through the brown babies in black, brown-red, red-yellow. Now remember this is just the main solutions were nine colors brighter as a result.

Many places in the Bible that this change people gathered without any hesitation. Example, the history 17:26, show mr. Jacob probably not plant his people (white person) in black, bone Allah created all the peoples of the blood. Course countries These are brown, red and yellow sides 5 is not really a nation, but "race", a group of people racing animal 400,000,000 times the same verse that shows that the most honorable Elijah Muhammad said, Jacob vaccinated cast sentenced or limited today!. exists beyond the boundaries of their life on our planet was 6000. and we show that about 50 annual delay, and only Allah knows best! a few days he will be allowed to engage in this desert (mentioned in the Bible throws). Verse 42 in same chapter further proof that it was lighter than babies who are divorced dark, it says: "When the controller was bad = light (remember the lighter that was actually weakened them), he (James) put their (ie, not dark) .. Labin was poor, and strong Jacob (Jacob) that can be easily understood that James was a black jet will hold;. means as if there is any doubt that we have an understanding of the Bible ", we can see where it was expected that we blacks our two nations seeds (Genesis 25:23 the womb). In the same verse, it also shows that the one people shall be stronger of the two, and for that matter, any other. Verse 23 is still a young lad older immigrants, we indicate that we are older, have not since the beginning of our history recorded here or there, but we know that a boy change is young and he is only six days! A brother, mr. James has an idea about the demons of his parents created light and dark baby, as in Genesis 25:25.

Mr. Jacob to 150 years old, we would expect the Bible to tell exactly, but I think Genesis 5:03 comes close enough, his version of who she is.

"Jacob goes through the teaching of the Holy Land

After moving about education and socialization of the Holy Land breed of "holy people" for so long a rumor about him and his teachings, one way or another he was jailed. Of course, that does not stop his teachings became famous words, supporters on the floor. Jacob, the God of his people, who are eager for a change, they were not satisfied and industrious teachings of Jacob, and his prison, or they could not and did not stop his ideology. While Jacob was in jail he continued his teachings, the word came to captain, then consult the Sultan, and give him tell; someone other than the original person who was on the ground, and he (James ) is caused unrest in jail (I hope you see Muslims told us, too). So the Sultan a wise man consulted Mr. James. , He asked to import the prisoner, "called James?" Jacob was a big black brother dare he (James) came forward and said: "I will call" smart Sultan said, "As salaam alaikum," he said. Jacob's response was "Wa alaikum Salam!"

Rally on the plan to make an original people who lived people on earth to ask. Jacob said: "Yes, I'm going to do." Then the Sultan said, "You know we can not be like that here in the Holy Land", then Jacob told him if he would give him and his followers land and supplies them to the last eight, went away. It is indicated in Genesis 30:26 (Jacob asked his followers). Genesis 30:28 can give us an idea of ​​what the wise saying Sultan Yakoub, such as: "How much do you need, etc.?" Genesis 30:32 Jacob show Mr Sultan said he would take them all the discontent if he (the Sultan) with the necessary equipment. These versions or deep, but our goal is just to give you a little insight can the mosque show you all the things needed. Allah is with us, we, long ago, to be able to eat from the table of the driveway without interference the oppressors of truth and justice!

A brother, knowledge, only like Mr. Jacob said Sultan skilled in the same area, it would exempt him from all his problems if he was willing to give him and his followers with land, etc., I ask you, is not honored Elijah Muhammad said that the government give us the land and the provision of 20 years and we do not leave him, and therefore dismissed it for lack of satisfaction that he himself (cursed?) Of course, you realize that we, the followers of the Lamb is happy!

Elijah Muhammad's most respected is something very, very much. It depends on how closely we look.

Now we know that he is not going Jacoby, the implant, the supplantation, or to make hybrids. We see what I did with Jacob few degrees of knowledge to do evil. Now, how much more can and will do better lamb with better knowledge and wisdom? Dude, we all think we are, the depth of our thinking depends on how or call our mentality. If we have deep enough and pure enough to think, we find the lamb, not tricks, power crosses, but by knowledge of self, God and Satan. We were before we heard and start to live the teachings of the driveway? Not even our distant associates to see the change in the difference after we receive the Almighty Allah through the teachings of the ramp's? Physical change. Now I must talk about our spiritual change? Jacob people in physical or spiritual birth control, and the most honorable Elijah Muhammad spiritual and physical knowledge of the self. , honorable most of Elijah Muhammad said that we should not make any excuses for some of us noticed that we show that we have as sheep in the midst of a live sex deviant. then he tells us to separate ourselves, and when we mentally and physically cut off, I do not believe to tell me how to get our clothes back, and go all the way back home (jet black).

Hip to see but few understand and acknowledge that it should be for the best, because we do not have to cover our clothing and apparel knowledge. TIS is indeed a shame to see it (welcome) to be so rebellious against their true identity.

"Jacob on the island of Patmos"

Upon arrival on the island of Patmos, Mr. James sure he was there vision of 01:19 or Pelan, located in the Aegean Sea, he started his reign, or a team led by the doctor, a priest, sister and cremator (as in Exodus 1:15 - nurse). Exodus 1:9-10 shows Jacob talking with his other team members, and wonder what we can remember when the Pharaoh of this day the same thing about us, the tribe of Shabazz. Remember the "Hitler" Herbert Hoover, when he was in office?

The role of the doctor for blood tests of people who wanted to marry, and 2 blacks were to be married, he would pass them without question, but as a black person and a sister of light skin try married, he (doctor) I would go behind the screen, repeat They were defects in the blood (lying snake). Now, in the case of these couples decide to live together, or move it, mr. Jacob made a fuss, he just slaughtered. Today, wonder why, before we can get a marriage license (our queen to marry, by the way), we get "blood test" happy? Believe me, accursed Shaitan very obedient Jacoby father! . . . That he is doing the work Letty. Instead go behind the curtain of the day, the doctor what we call "lab", and after a certain number of different shades of the past, or after a certain quota of the year, he says is a lie to try to blend with a brother and sister marry legally read.

Of course, it does not work like it did in the time of Jacob, the son is not allowed to open operations like his father, because he was fighting against his nature, he would be an adulterer. After a man or a woman commits adultery or fornication for two thousand years, there's no point thinking they would be against such in the past year 4050.

The priest's work was now, married, consultant, lying, etc., few, and spread the teachings of Jacob. He did not try to follow the teachings of his father to this day, an attempt to deceive even the chosen - chosen of Allah, go ahead and behind the subject really trying to change the truth lie? All praise be to Allah, the only works in our poor, when it's not really worthy of Allah.

James told the nurse that she was a sharp instrument, which is the soft part of the dark black head boys to hold. She was to help deliver the baby - he called her midwife (Exodus 01:16). Original is a nurse north still fear Allah, he said. James and ask him, ask him if the child's family as he continues to be easy or dark teenager? She did it because she did not have the idea of ​​killing the brothers and sisters want. See followers of Jacob were very well disciplined and he was such a master of lies and deception, his sister convinced when he told her to tell his parents of the younger brother are blessed to Mecca will be taken so that the seed to come will be blessed, and that the apparent relief is the duty of the murder. It was, instead of sticking of sacred black mold brother of the head, take it to the cremator, burning the child without a doubt.

Approximately 600 years after Mr. Jacob formed a team and began his civilization, sleep 9000 in our calendar, its scientists were successful transplant pale skin, show no weakness in life bacterium, pink eyes, they were thick hair wool, languages ​​thick, large nose look like albinos of the day. Tie it can be seen as the devil shows an albino and aversion nest, especially when an albino knowledge of himself, then, that they can manage gloved hand.

By doing so, mr. James can control how many black babies born a year or two, or even how I would be born per hour, day or week or month. Colour separation from each other is shown in Genesis 30:40. That book (v. 37), it seems that he began working with Brown, red and yellow to make the "white" (Caucasian) shows that the poles (sperm) through these things, he said. James with the devil. Today, his children are still trying to make people, they opened up all kinds of balls, the United States has BREEDED as a visit like James Island PELAN those who followed him.

If we expect our documents, listen to the radio, or those who can not watch TV, we can see the children of Jacob is trying to promote birth control system.

Days past, when our ancestors were brought for the first time to the Dominican Republic, the slave master wanted strong backs and weak minds. We naturally strong, so he does not need to be especially where it comes from, because he had a brother, a sister, etc.; baby will still be strong enough to work, but it is easy to see how he perhaps lacking mental abilities.

Just as Jacob held some black, brown, red and yellow babies are born, his island, his children followed measure up trying to keep tabs on what we called Negroes (holy members of black people from the tribe of Allah, the God Shabazz) was born per hour, day, week, month, year. Jacob wanted sperm bacteria, lighter, and his children even worse than what they want to give blacks have to be born to keep their audience and kill the background of a thousand. They want to provide children more uniform to be born by the ignorance of our people will come integration aware. But a limit to how much they should not. It is also consistent with their father Jacob, the character of the title of the devil, murderer from the beginning.

In other words, even starting this birth control system, where they arrived 400 years ago, but now are trying to sell to the public, they have to kill some sacred black children. Between their religious beliefs, they claim, or they must practice the teachings of their father contraception or not.

They are angry with each other and with the Almighty God (Allah) against all the injustice done to their pieces!

Before Mr. Jacob died, he pulled the cards the way back to Israel with him the sacred. After scientists with his men, an annual ten solutions (if they have more than one solution, their already were working sores. We show how weak and sick, as) arrived.

They built rafts and sail back to Israel, the Holy Land. With their entry, they stoned by the sacred black children who have never seen the likes of such people in the past. And the elders, men of wisdom and knowledge, knew that these people are complex, so they issued a decree throughout the Holy Land holy book black people do not like the people that the civilization of Jacob. Sultans sages, or Imans, I had a meeting with some of his men's track and tell them they are going to be allowed to go to sanctify Israel, or remain, and they will be free to any conditions they any confusion or unrest among the people began to go, and they can be intimate with families or eat any offenses (holy land) than cows in the middle of the garden (who was the brother and sisters of the black). By having a brother or sister Black, Jacob's men broke God's divine law of Allah. As we know, one of the main reasons of the will of the implant was the discontent among us, or b to remove. And see that they were just six months, I do not see a need to take the evil among us if we're going to let him right back down through integration.

Genesis 01:05 smart Sultan told them to go to Israel, which they hallow as their black brothers and sisters holy surely die. We know that our black seeds are dominant and kill everything it comes in contact with.

Yes, my brother, within six months after these demons Jacob in the Holy Land implanted all kinds of confusion started, the brothers started fighting with each other and nurses in a similar way. Jacob's men were brothers and sisters are black saints and tell each other their bad word, they began to steal, something not seen in the Holy Land. One of the main disadvantages, as it is today (greed), and want material things.

We, the people of the original, the "best" Of course I have to be the best of gold, silver, diamonds, etc., and these people was transplanted will never see it, and inherently evil, they can not give to lust so They started our gold and silver cups, plates and many other things for us was acceptable to steal.

They will tell my brother, another brother do such crimes, and therefore all kinds of fermentation begins. The word to the Sultan of this turmoil when he was in the country investigation of these demons Jacob was transplanted and found that it caused all the trouble, so he consulted Imans several local directors, and they decided to expel them from the Holy Land. So this afternoon (00:00 minutes) sacred black brothers were the camels with our favorite weapons drawn, the sword, and Job 30:5 says, these people of the holy people across the Arabian Desert in a distance of 2200 kilometers ward valleys, caves or holes and rocks of the earth Europe (Job 30:6).


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