Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kenny Stabler

1975 Kenny Stabler had a hard time because as the rest of the World span around him, he was stuck being 1975 Kenny Stabler. Even natural Kenny Stabler grew and changed and became a living breathing Kenny Rogers DUI poster, and all the World was 1986 and then 1992 and then 1999 and then some 2003 and 4 and now 2013, but 1975 Kenny Stabler was still just 1975 Kenny Stabler, being awesome sure, but how awesome is awesome if there's not the right stuff to be awesome with? 1975 Kenny Stabler was lacking in love he realized.
He often 1975 walked around the various streets at night and during days, and would predator drone in on women from the mental perspective to see if they might be his love. None ever were, and a couple even ordered restraint by him legal-wise aka playing lawyerball. But then one day 1975 Kenny Stabler saw the girl, well first he saw her ass and it was glorious like it was made of pure solid gold but the gold was melted by the Sun itself and then the molten gold was poured into the black yoga stretch pants before 1975 Kenny Stabler's very eyes, solidifying into something so solid and beautiful that 1975 Kenny Stabler followed it for three blocks out of his way before realizing what had even transpired. The solid gold ass was attached to a well-rounded individual of a woman, almost Renaissance-istic maybe even, and the woman went into a tea house, because where 1975 Kenny Stabler was at the people drank tea not coffee, as he enjoyed the comforts of foreign lands like completely foreign because he felt so foreign in his own lands being a 1975 man in different yeared world, even though they spake the same language, so he figured it easier after time to just go full-on foreign where his 1975 ways would not seem so unnatural.
The woman ordered a funny worded tea and 1975 Kenny Stabler slid right up beside her as she pulled out her satchel of rubiks and he said in mental telepathy while looking into her soul eyes, "I'll pay for this." A little part of the solid gold in the front parts of her dungarees started to melt, and they became a thing on that higher plain immediately, like a log cabin made of psychic love, and started to chink the logs with mud conversation to get to know each other.
Her name was NDAA, and she was a paralegal security consultant for the Globochem company from Mr. Show. Her schooling was made of AR-15s and Bushmaster 223s, but her heart was made of four-leaf clovers and buttercuppy meadows. 1975 Kenny Stabler said, "NDAA, I know some sort of metaphor could be made by our words inside this robot machine network, but I don't care about that. All I know is you make me feel in a way I have not felt since the actual 1975 I was born from. Let's not let this writing make any veiled points about anything geopolitical or cultural or really anything. Let's just run away together."
NDAA smiled at 1975 Kenny Stabler, and then they ran away, and I couldn't see what happened for the rest of the story.


Charley said...

This is gorgeous!

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