Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just End The Season

The New England Patriots continued their pursuit of yet another regular season winning streak record (previously 18 straight regular season games and 21 overall from 2003-04) on Sunday by beating the New York Jets led by old ass Brett Favre. In two games, Matt "White" Cassell has gone 29-41 for 317 yards and 1 TD...that's an average game for Tom Brady but a W is a W so I'll gladly take it. Next week, I'd like to see Matt throw TD's rather than just hand off and manage the game cuz that shit irks me.

I wish I could post with more enthusiasm but the Patriots were already so much better than the Jets that this win wasn't a surprise at all. The Patriot defense did it's job and the running game worked when it had to and Cassell started out the game moving the ball very effectively and got first downs at will. He really needs to throw some touchdowns to keep the defenses honest in the future, though. Matt Cassell also became the first player in NFL history to win his first start against Brett Favre...cool.

Next week, the Patriots play the hapless Miami Dolphins in Gillette Stadium AKA The Razor. Then they have a bye week and they play the San Francisco 49ers the following week before facing the San Diego Chargers. The jury's still out for me until that game happens though a 23 game regular season win streak is impressive. Enough of this, I'm gonna watch the Red Sox reclaim sole possession of 1st place in the AL East.



Harpo said...

2-0 and you're bitching? WOW.

L.B. said...

Jesus fucking Christ, dude. Fuck.

Neil said...

I am flabbergasted. That's right, FLABBERGASTED.

(´・ω・) said...

eat shit

Raven Mack said...

yeah Dart, you're taking shit for granted. I mean, I take shit for granted even though the skins have won 3 super bowls in my lifetime. A lot of people have rooted for shit teams for shitty amount of years. Shit, I'm stoked the skins are 1-1. It gives us a better chance to finish 7-9.