Friday, November 25, 2011

Me After The Game


Anonymous said...

If you think about it, Thanksgiving was a perfect example of the Lions in 2011.

Slow Start by the Offence, resulting in needing to come back from a deficit. Defence plays well but the offence has turnovers and puts them in bad situations. Stupid penalties at the worst possible time. Offence not being able to get in when in MATTERS (yeah, this team can blow out poor teams, but can't get it done in the clutch against good teams).

I think the Pack's TJ Lang said it best after the game: "That's something we talked about all week: They were probably going to do something stupid along the way. They’ve done it in almost every game."

Your Honor, the Defence rests its (mental) case.

Neil, I'm with you: what a maddening team.

Lord Anonymous

AutospeedConcepts said... per the script for the season....Offense gets a few drives goin' into scorin' range....then stalls with penalties, drops, INT's and so on....

Defense held GB as long as it could.
I'd say The D is frustrated with The Offense at this point. And I can see why. Better and poorer teams....been like this all season....just more apparent against the better teams....

DarkStar said...

Despite the frustration of outgaining the Pack by a 3 to 1 yards margin and coming up empty in the first half, the obvious game turning point was Suh trying to use a Packer player's head as a jackhammer and then channeling his inner Haynesworth. Instead of a 10-0 deficit, the Lions spot the Pack a gift-wrapped 14-0 lead, start pressing, and turn the ball over on the ensuing posession. Let's be honest here; While the Lions may have an argument with being able to match the Packers in talent, they have a looooong way to go to match them in poise and discipline. Schwartz benched Gos earlier this season for plays that were far less stupid and detrimental than Suh's. The difference between playing smart and agressive and stupid and tempermental is vast, and we just saw lesson #1 yesterday.

Neil said...

Yup . . . yup, and . . . yup.