Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Greatest Thing Ever Made

I'm planning on writing something about this whole Ndamukong Suh hullabaloo soon, but for now, there is this:

I am in complete awe. There are just so many amazing things to talk about here, I don't even know where to begin. Feel free to break this shit down in the comments. This is the Zapruder Film for our generation. Or maybe it's closer to the Bible. I don't know.


fakenick said...

It makes me feel the strangest feeling, I as a Lion's fan have rarely felt(and until recently, felt only a handful of times).


He earned fear. If not only in the Taiwanese media.

It's great. If I saw those actual events, like on-the-field..
I'm sure my eyes would well up, I'd smile and start a slow clap.

When I read the other day that the 'Lions were the new Steelers' as far as dirty play, I couldn't help but relish in their success. PIT earned their multiple championships/SB appearances/bandwagon fans, by playing mean, upsetting, ugly football.

I can't say that I didn't feel exactly the same way about James Harrison. I hated that bastard, still do. But I understand now. Suh is out for blood. We're better for it.

I'll get off my soapbox for a sec and process some more of these papers.

Raven Mack said...

much better than the dan snyder ones

Neil said...

I appreciated the attention to detail. A faithful rendering of events. I just wish more media outlets were this honest and accurate.

CJ said...

So, I'm going to just take it as fact that Goodell et al wear jodhpurs and boots ALL THE TIME at the NFL offices. It's truth, and it's also truth that they have very strict regulations about spur length, rowels etc.

I don't know what the best part of this is overall though--the fact that it looks nothing like Suh, the QB flails, or the growling and pawing suggesting that we've bred our entire team in a lab using Bond villian DNA technology.

Actually the best part is that two people have looked disappointed/disgusted with me for being amused by this, and yet I'm still laughing.

Looking forward to your take on the Suh thing...To me, it's always been a clash about conflicting marketing strategies, that of the NFL and Suh's personal machine. The latest bit is an arm stomp wrapped in a press conference inside a mountain of bullshit.

Fake and boring (and yes, I understand that there is a real issue underneath, but the fakery has smothered it). I am so sick already of what is going to become the Many Years War that I'm desperately hoping for something to happen to distract attention away from it, like maybe Roary eating someone.

Anyways, thanks for the laugh and sorry for the ranting.

Neil said...

Agreed on the culture clash thing, which has complicated this issue in an absurd and annoying way. At its heart, I'm just upset because Ndamukong Suh did something incredibly dumb and he did it at the worst possible time. For more, see the almost 3,000 words of heat seeking gibberish I just posted.

D-MONEY1980 said...

THIS IS PURE AWESOMENESS....if all those things had actually occurred in real life, i just wouldn't be quite so upset with suh at this moment....I WANT THOSE SORTS OCCURRENCES TO TRANSPIRE ON GAME DAY,after the sort of torture i've been put through as a lions fan. make it happen suh....(don't take this literally, dammit)