Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally Dan Snyder Addresses the Real Issues Concering His Team

Fan signs. They are outlawed at games from here on out, maybe because of the dude above or maybe because of somebody dangling a SNYDER SUCKS sign right above the #30 of Brian Mitchell during his induction into the Redskins Hall of Fame Monday night. But whatever the reason, I'm sure things will be better now.
Seriously, fuck this shit. It's hard to even get angry anymore. It's like having a shoot retarded older brother who also becomes a crack addict and getting mad when he has a seizure in your living room while trying to steal your flat screen and breaks it and his leg. At this point, it's too be expected and the best bet might be to just wash your hands of him completely, and maybe like ten years from now, you can invite him into your living room again, if he's got his shit halfway together.

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