Sunday, August 30, 2009


I know it's preseason. I know the games don't count. None of that matters because I just saw the Oakland Raiders get ass raped by the Saints today. And not like the humorous, cartoonish sort of ass raping. We're talking the traumatic, full industrial strength sort of ass raping. I knew they weren't going to be good this season, but I didn't really think they'd get worse. This is going to be a bad, bad year. Neil, you may end up with some company in the 0-16 club. Fuck my life.

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Neil said...

I hear you, bro. I hear you.

But at least you've got that scintillating can't miss first round pick in Darius Heyward Bey, so . . . oh, I see. I'm . . . I'm so sorry.

But I mean, at least you have a young energetic owner, who . . . wait, what? The blood of the innocent? What does that even mean? Oh, I see. I'm . . . I'm so sorry.

Goddamn, Harpo. Maybe Kenny Stabler will show up, drunk, white mane flowing, stripped to the waist with a bunch of leathery blond strippers on each arm, and will attempt to wrestle JaMarcus Russell or something in the middle of a game. I don't know, something to look forward to maybe.

Yeah, basically I just turned Kenny Stabler into Ric Flair, but fuck it, these are things you must do to keep yourself sane this season, Harpo.