Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well, well, well!

I'd be lying if I claimed I wasn't waiting with baited breath for this to happen.

The specter that's been hanging over all three weeks of Scab Referee Officiated NFL Football, the fear that they would fuck up a call so bad it would literally cause The Wrong Team to win a game, has happened at last.  And it happened in one of the main event marquee games, on Monday Night Football.  To one of the marquee teams, our own Hail Sabin's Green Bay Packers.  I don't want to step into his lane too much because I'm sure he's ready to go off the rails on this utter travesty in his next entry, but I've been waiting for the Sports Dolchstosslegende to get tangible form for three weeks now.  I've been praying for it to happen, but not to any team I care about, and while a divisional rival has technically benefitted from this utter horse shit that doesn't really cut to the bone like it surely does for Packer fans right now.  I'm relieved it didn't happen to me (NOT YET ANYWAY) and sorry it was you all who unknowingly got the short straw on this.

And my schadenfreude was just indulged.  IT HAPPENED.

You've seen it by now.  The scab refs clearly fucked The Green Bay Packers.  They won 12-7, intercepting a hail mary on the last play of the game.

Except while one scab ref ruled that, another ruled joint possession of the ball, which goes to the offensive player, and thus a Seattle Touchdown and win.  Review could not, of course, conclusively overturn that call.  Except it could, because even I thought it was pretty clearly a sole possession  interception on the replay, but even as I saw it, I thought:

"They just told this Seattle Home Crowd their team won.  People are already running around celebrating and players are leaving the field.  There will be a Fucking RIOT if they make the correct call and overturn this shit."

And they didn't.

[Tangent:  By the way, at risk of stepping into Miguelito's lane... America, welcome to how Raider Nation has felt for 40 years.  We all have our "Immaculate Reception" now.  Just sayin'.]

Seattle "won" 14-12, over ten minutes later, after the academic extra point that BY RULE must be played out (a rule change during my football watching lifetime that I am certain came about to appease gambling interests -- the unspoken partner in generating interest and revenue for The Shield -- and their point spreads & over/under bets).  Green Bay did eventually come out and stand around for the extra point.  Literally, as it turned out.  Likely some sort of half-assed protest of the decision to not play it through.  I'll be honest, I was hoping for something much more from them.  A gesture of grand protest, of "fuck this bullshit, we will not dignify it with our presence and lend our credibility to this sham".  Refusing to take the field would be nice.  Sending just one guy out there to stand with his back turned before the snap would've worked too.  The rules just fucked them, so they should say FUCK THE RULES.

And they still can.  I'm not watching Coach Mike McCarthy's post game press conference, though I've heard through my grapevines that it is nowhere near what I would hope it would be -- cussing a blue streak, calling out Goodell and the scabs by name, tearing up that stupid "don't tell the truth about how shit this is" memo from Sheriff Roger for the world to see.

But this does not have to be over.  They do not have to "move on."  And they shouldn't.

Of all people, Adam Pacman Jones apparently just had the one good idea of his life.  He essentially called for a general strike on Twitter, from what I hear.  The idea that all players should just walk and refuse to take the field until the real refs are back.

That would be beautiful.  The ultimate Fuck You to Goodell.  He cannot have his precious product if the players refuse to participate.  At first I thought maybe the Packers should do this themselves, embarrass the league and Goodell by not giving them any more of those marquee Packer games to broadcast and run expensive commercial time slots during.  But it would be even better if EVERYBODY did it.  There's even the idea out there, and I agree with it, that player safety is an issue with these scabs.  The players have already figured out these guys are like substitute teachers and are adjusting their behavior accordingly like any self-respecting unruly class would.  Guys are discovering they can get away with a greater variety of flagrant and dangerous cheap shots, and taking them.  Golden Tate himself, the player who "caught" tonight's "winning" TD, jumped and headbutted some dude on Dallas on a blindside block last week.  Rick Mundy put Darius Heyward-Bey in the hospital yesterday channeling the ghost of Chuck Cecil.  And these scabs are too slow, too overwhelmed to see these and call them.  They could cite this:  We're not safe with these guys out there.  Therefore we won't go out there.

But they should also refuse to let go of tonight's game.  Hold on to this.  Expose it, point it out as an example of how the integrity of the game has been thrown in a jar with the semen of all the team owners and guzzled by Roger Goodell like so much bukkake.

And demand his resignation as a condition of returning to the field.

The shitstorm is here, ladies and gentlemen.  May chaos follow.  #Occupy TheShield.


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