Thursday, April 26, 2012

My 1st Round Mock Draft

One of the best days in Packers Draft History when Rodgers fell into our arms.

My 1st round Mock Draft
1. Colts- Andrew Luck
2. Redskins- RGIII
3. Vikings- This is when the draft gets interesting because it's down to 3 players Kalil, Claiborne, and Blackmon. I think they draft Matt Kalil to protect Ponder because that is their most glaring need.
4. Browns- Trent Richardson to give them a beast of a Running Back.
5. Buccs- Morris Claiborne to cover Colston, Smith, Jones and White in that division plus it replaces Talib who is no longer with the team.
6. Rams- Justin Blackmon to give Sam a huge target to throw to and an impact WR on the team.
7. Jaguars- I think they trade out but if they stay I think they take Melvin Ingram with this pick to improve their DL.
8. Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill I think he will be a flat out bust taken this high in the draft because I watched him crumble numerous times last year blowing double digit leads in the 2nd half.
9. Panthers- I think they take the Big DT out of Memphis Poe.
10.  Bills- Michael Floyd to make their WR core deeper and the OT they want is not their unless Kalil falls to them.
11. Chiefs- Luke Kuechly to give them a stud ILB that is a tackle machine.
12. Seahawks- Quinton Couples because they big into his upside and not his low football motor.
13. Cards- Riley Reiff to give the OT they need.
14. Cowboys- Stephon Gilmore because they need good CB's on that team to run Rob Ryan's system.
15. Eagles- Fletcher Cox is who you hear the Eagles are extremely high on.
16. Jets- Mark Barron to give the Jets S depth they were missing last year.
17. Bengals- David DeCastro throwing drafts at this pick it does fit their needs.
18. Chargers- this could be a WR but I think they go CB with Dre Kirkpatrick at this pick.
19. Bears- Courtney Upshaw I think they go DE with this pick and I think he is the best DE available at this pick.
20. Titans- Janoris Jenkins because they look at his talent and not his dumb actions off the field.
21. Bengals- Joe Adams to give the Red Rifle more weapons.
22. Browns- Cordy Glenn another dart throw.
23. Lions- Jonathan Martin they need a OT and his one of the ones from stanford.
24/25. I put this two together because I flipped a coin for these picks of the Steelers and Broncos the coin
gave the Steelers Brandon Thompson and Broncos Michael Brockers.
26. Texans- Kendall Wright with this pick but I think Coby Fleener has a shot at being taken here.
27. Patriots- Jared Crick they need someone to give them an edge line rusher on defense.
28. Green Bay Packers- I have it between Chandler Jones and Shea McClellin but I watched a lot more Boise games so I went with Shea. We need another pass rusher to play on the otherside of Clay and get to the QB.
29. Ravens- Chandler Jones it just seems to fit with this pick plus I believe the Ravens lost a DE in free agency this offseason.
30. 49ers- Stephen Hill more weapons at WR for the 49ers.
31. Patriots- Hightower he just looks like a pick that Sith Bill would take and get something out of him.
32. Giants- Doug Martin I think they go Running Back and last night Marshall Faulk said Martin reminds him of himself when he came out in 1995.

That is my Mock draft and hope to bat around .400 for the 1st round but we will see what happens tonight in NYC. If anyone wants more details why I picked certain players ask me in the comments section and I will answer later tonight.   


Raven Mack said...

Mock drafts are the worst and I am saddened that one done in all seriousness has appeared at ACLB. Mock drafts are for mocking, not doing.

Bubbalouuey said...

whatcha smokin Joe ??

Anonymous said...

Raven, you should have known this would happen when you allowed a guy who refers to his team as "we" to start posting here. People who don't play for a team and refer to them as "we" or "us" simply cannot be trusted.

Raven Mack said...

now I am trying to figure out whether I say "we" or not in regards to the Redskins.

Neil said...

Yeah, I use "we" and "us" all the fuckin' time. I'm not sure if I do it a lot here but I know I use it in conversation.

The Baron said...

I think I've tried to make an effort to not say "we" and "us" here, but yeah, in real life, I totally do that.
Also, this might have been the first post done here without any cuss words, which is awful. Fuckin' awful.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Packers