Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

I hunted and gathered quarters from the wine bottle change jar to go get a Sunday Washington Post out the paper machine in town, because I love those samurai sudoku's, but there's something real about doing it on paper than cyberbotting it... no asking for answers or getting lead along by robots, just you and your stupid brain.
Anyways, the Sunday sports section had a remembrance of the Redskins' last Super Bowl victory, which was 20 years ago. And the following conversation occurred on my couch as I looked at this:

me: Ahh yes, when the Redskins were champions.
my oldest kid (nearly 13): When was that?
me: 20 years ago.
my kid: At least you were alive for it.

And I chuckled the sad laugh of a man that knows deep down in his heart that this may very well be the last championship I know during my lifetime as a Redskins fan. Sadly, that was my freshman year of college, so I had discovered doing acid on weekday afternoons and having long-term sexually active relationships with crazy women, thus I'm not even sure I watched that Super Bowl. Oh well. There is always next year...


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