Saturday, October 31, 2009

The New England Patriots..The First Team In History To Win During A Bye Week

I stopped by Armchair Linebacker to read what my fellow blogmates posted about this football season so far and after reading back to back long ass posts about how godawful the Detroit Lions were I felt the need to quickly down seven straight shots of Clorox. As I went beneath the sink to fetch the bleach I remembered something...first, the Patriots are in first place in the AFC East (5-2) and are firing on all cylinders even with key players missing. Secondly, I can't spare any bleach because God forbid I live and I need to do laundry later. How dumb will I look for drinking bleach that could've been used on socks & towels? I mean, really? The best thing about a bye week is watching others in agony about their teams while you get to relax and just watch. Since I quit my pick 'em league football's become a lot more enjoyable as well.

Look at Adalius Thomas stretching. He has a big ass grin on his face, Forget for a second that he hasn't done a goddamn thing this season and he's underperformed so much that he pretty much got benched, His team is winning and they have a bye week before they face the most important three game stretch of the season but he is hopeful because his team is beginning to gel and they have confidence going into said crucial stretch against three of their biggest rivals. Isn't that so much less depressing than reading about how badly the Lions suck or which Raiders are a waste of skin? Are there any Saints fans around? Giants fans? They win occasionally...don't they have fans that wanna contribute to this site so I'm not the lone cat with good news most weeks? Shit!

Tom Brady woke up this morning. He saw his beautiful wife and his beautiful child. He thought to himself "I'm the fuckin' man". He then read the newspaper and thought to himself. "Wow, the Boston Globe is a great paper". He read about the Boston Celtics and thought to himself "These guys kick ass. I love this place!". He then went to practice with his great teammates, excellent coaches and relished in playing for a class organization. "Wow...I fuckin' won already!", Tom thought to himself. "I hope I can spend my entire career here". There you go, the New England Patriots win even when they don't play a game that particular week.

Think about that next time you wonder why so many other organizations can't seem to get it together. It all starts at the bottom & attitude tends to reflect leadership. When you have competent ownership, a competent coaching staff, a quality team evaluating talent and you instill a commitment to excellence things will fall into place provided you stay consistent and strive towards building a championship program. There, now someone can read this site without thinking about flaming dead bodies floating in an ocean of feces instead of football.


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