Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Exceeding Expectations While the Dumbass Comes Around

Fresh off the news that Michael Crabtree might actually sign his contract with the 49ers instead of being a dumbass and re-entering the draft in 2010, losing millions of dollars and being seen as even a bigger diva as he already is viewed as, the bigger news is that the 49ers actually won a game on Sunday.

This was a game that showed two things to the casual fan: The Arizona Cardinals aren't nearly the team that they were last year when they made their improbable run to the Super Bowl and the San Francisco 49ers can do enough against opponents that leave them hanging around to up and steal one on the road.

Neither team was exactly playing the perfect football game, but once the Cardinals offense couldn't figure out a way to get the ball to Larry Fitzgerald on a consistent basis (12 catches for Tim Hightower?), the 49ers took advantage of a tiring Arizona O-Line at the end of the game by bringing different defensive fronts up to confuse Warner and grab themselves a victory at the end when Shaun Hill read a jailbreak blitz perfectly and found Frank Gore for the game winning touchdown.

What I'm really surprised with in this game is that for a team that focused on running the ball so much, Frank Gore went for 30 yards on 22 carries. 1.4 yards a carry. Yep. That'll get it done. The big problem with the 49ers offense (besides being not good at all) is that The Pants Dropper will have no problem continuing to run Gore against eight-man fronts because while he likes Shaun Hill, him throwing the ball 31 times like he did on Sunday doesn't exactly scream "Blueprint for Success."

I think you'll see the 49ers run more play-action against Seattle this weekend, mainly to hold off the athletic linebackers long enough to find somebody along the second level. This will be a very important game for Vernon Davis. Then again, isn't every game an important game for that overrated Combine hero?

Defensively, Pat Willis is still a better linebacker than your favorite linebacker. 11 tackles and a fantastic INT makes me smile. I know this blog is supposed to be about hate, but I will not stop loving Pat Willis. I just can't do it.

But back to Crabtree for a second. Now, his Texas Tech "education" seems to be coming around. It's the best move for his diva ass, because now he'll be able to earn the respect back in a shortened season from the 49ers. See, he and his agent had this pipe dream that makes them think Crabtree will still be considered a top end talent in next year's draft and with the lack of a salary cap, could get an even bigger contract.

Except that receivers who aren't jackasses and actually would have played a season of football in 2009 would be there and could be just as good as Crabtree, not have shit for brains, and be willing to play right away. Like Dez Bryant. So now, if Crabtree signs in the next week or so like people think will happen or what have you, he won't be a big part of the 49ers offense until after the bye week in Week 6 at the earliest. Do it now, get into practice, take your lumps, and then have a good second half of the season. If he does, he'll still be as good as the other 49ers receivers throughout the course of an entire season, where myself, at 6'3', 300, might be able to move into the slot and bring down 5 balls for 60 yards.

Thankfully, I'll be with family on Sunday so I won't be all cynical while watching it. I'll be watching the Cowboys instead.

God, sometimes, I really fucking hate football.

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