Saturday, August 1, 2009

For Once, Dan Snyder is a Good Thing

So it seems most of the 1st round draft picks this year are stalled out, waiting for their agents to squeeze ridiculous money out of the league for unproven dudes who could end up being Akili Smith, and they've got this slot mentality that makes everyone stand around and wait for the guy around them to sign so that they can get their proper position as explained to them by their agent using an attached .gif to a text message. Defensive end Brian Orakpo, the Skins first round dude (#10 overall I think, but shit I'm not looking it up, it might've been #13), is supposed to be catching hybrid reps as DE as well as linebacker since everyone's shifting to that style of play now. Fucking 3-4 defenses and wildcat offenses, that's all the rage. Orakpo missed the first day of practice, causing D-coordinator of the Skins Greg Blache (a highly underrated crochetty old man with mad soul and heart in my opinion, and probably a shining example of how the NFL is actually racist since people fall all over retreads like Jim Mora Jr. but Blache just mires away a 40 year coaching career in mostly obscurity) to talk down on the youngsta, saying he ought to be practicing.
Well, Dan Snyder gets what he wants, and he shelled out $20 mill right quick to get the young Orakpo to jump his spot in the drafting line and get his ass to camp today. Props to you Mr. Snyder for wasting your money in a semi-useful manner for once. Hopefully that retard standing next to you (or over your shoulder if you're actually reading this) Vinny Cerrato didn't fuck up again, although to be fair he doesn't do too bad in early 1st round draft picks since there's plenty of mock draft data on the internets now to help him not completely fuck up like he usually does.
I love preseason. I've actually got myself convinced something special is brewing up. I'm like fucking Charlie Brown, trying to kick the ball, yet again.

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