Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Death Of A Dynasty

Six direct snaps. Four rushing touchdowns and one throwing touchdown for Ronnie Brown. Belichick was outcoached and the defense and offense didn't sshow up for the game at all. The Miami Dolphins have a knack for beating the Patriots even when they can't seem to beat anyone else. This team is aging like that baby on that episode of Fringe or for the less nerdy readers, Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid: Guns Of The Patriots. The offense is anemic since Cassell can't throw the ball deeper than 12 yards and there is NO chnce that Randy Moss is going to get to catch the ball this season.

This was the last shot for the New England Patriots to win it all. When Tom Brady went down, the season was, in effect, over. I said that but too many fans thought that maybe ligtning would strike twice with Cassell. Fuck all that. This team is done as far as winning shit goes. If I were the opposing team I'd run up the score on the Pats every fuckin' chance I got. I'd run on them mercilessly. If those fans were in shock then they're stupid because it's not 2007 anymore. The window is closed. Be grateful if you make the playoffs and make it to 9-7 this season.

For God's sake, the Denver Broncos are considered the class of the AFC. I repeat, the Broncos! The Indianapolis Colts are on their last legs as well and now the Buffalo Bills are considered contenders. If Matt Cassell can't transform from a quarterback that doesn't lose you the game and turns into one that can (and will) WIN you the game then no one should be shocked when the Patriots lose to a "lesser" opponent again.

Oh, and this is the last winning streak New England fans are gonna see for a while pending a miracle and the unlikely possibility that the Patriot organization actually spend some real money.



Harpo said...

Huh, I thought the dynasty died 3 years ago when they stopped winning Super Bowls.

Raven Mack said...

You know, if Patriots fans could suck it up and support their team positively, the added energy might motivate aging and lesser players to hulk up and win another trophy.