Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brett Favre Holds The NFL Hostage (And Other Short Stories)

This man, once known as the Sports Illustrated Sportsman Of The Year has managed to hijack the headlines from the other NFL franchises. In order to have this whole ugly mess go away the owner of the Green Bay Packers organization is offering Brett Favre $20 million dollars to stay retired! Who gets offered money NOT TO PLAY? Just this smiling asshole above. The Packers are entertaining trade offers from the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers amongst other teams and they pray Brett dodesn't show up to camp after he's officially reinstated. Let's beat that Madden curse!

The New England Patriots are hard at work trying to get back to their old championship form. They've recently practiced without Tom Brady and are trying to resolve their issues at RB and CB. Marcus Pollard, the former Indianapolis Colt has made his way to the Patriots camp as well. With key players and vets like WR Wes Welker, CB Rodney Harrison and LB Mike Vrabel all on the PUP list it's up to the free agents to fill the void and the rookies to step it up at practice. Jason Webster and Fernando Bryant have some serious shoes to fill in replacing the departed All World Assante Samuel.

People are rightfully concerned the the Patriots have so many question marks and injuries at this point of the year but if everyone's ready to go come opening day then it's all good. LaMont Jordan has come over to the Patriots from Oakland trying to steal a spot on the RB corps and I was hoping that Jon Lynch would show up here after asking for his release form the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So far, nada. It's good to see Richard Seymour back in pads.

The first real test of the preseason is less than a week away! August 7th, 2008 the New England Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens and we'll all see what happens from there. Where's everyone else at (Raven Mack, Harpo? I'm looking at you!)? I have no idea but check me out @ Poisonous Paragraphs for more Hip Hop, Film, Sports, Comic Book and Pop Culture related fuckery. Also check out my other timeshare I Hook A Beat Up as well.


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