Friday, July 25, 2008

Medal Year Solid: Guns Of The Patriots

Coach Belichick is coming off of a perfect regular season and a wonky postseason. The Patriots looked nowhere as solid during the playoffs as they did during the season. The wear and tear and pressure of trying to finish the season 19-0 did them in. Tom Brady looked like Clark Kent after he went into the machine in the Fortress Of Solitude and lost his powers. Remember the scene when he got his ass kicked in the bar and was in shock when he saw his own blood for the first time? Every interception he threw Tom Brady had that exact same expression on his face.

Just having to sit through the ESPY's while everyone fellated the New York Giants all night long is more than enough incentive for the New England Patriots to get focused and try to get it in this season. People are getting old. Jason Taylor is on the Redskins, Brett Favre may be slinging pigskin for another NFC squad and the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers all want to be the class of the NFL. There is no letting up.

The Patriots finally signed top rookie LB Jerod Mayo who they hope will be an immediate impact player and hopefully their secondary will be able to prevent the big play this season. With an aging linebacker corps and a questionable secondary the New England Patriots need to put points up. As of now they have 12 players on the PUP (Physically Unable To Perform) list and some of these players are key to the success of this team.

As efficient as the New England Patriots are on offense they need to be equally as good if not better on defense to have a chance at the Vince Lombardi trophy in '08-'09. I don't know if they can equal last year's numbers but if they even come close I'd be impressed.

Laurence Maroney, Kevin Faulk and the other RB/FB's need to keep the chains moving and Tom Brady can't get tunnel vision and repeatedly throw to Randy Moss like he did too often last season. Maroney needs to become more consistent and turn into a workhorse type of runner in key situations for the Patriots to have continued success.

The first preseason game for the Patriots is August 7th, 2008 versus the Baltimore Ravens. Where's everyone else at? I have no idea but check me out @ Poisonous Paragraphs for more Hip Hop, Film, Sports, Comic Book and Pop Culture related fuckery. Also check out my other timeshare I Hook A Beat Up as well.


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