Friday, July 11, 2008

Dart Waxes Poetic (or Spoken Word) About: Randy Moss

I had no idea that Randy Moss was into NASCAR! Then again, he is from a small town in West Virginia so should I really be all that surprised that he owns and funds his own NASCAR racing team? This is just one of many facts about Randy Moss that I had no clue about. Considering how in depth the coverage is about our sports heroes is in Boston I figured I would've heard about this. Then again, the Pats have won a chip in a while so people are more interested what direction James Posey is leaning in, Boston or Cleveland?

I commend Randy for being a Black man and helping to further integrate NASCAR which is notorious for not being friendly to it's participants that posess more melanin in their skin or have breasts and vaginas. Those class action lawsuits are a beeyotch, aren't they? It just goes to prove that Randy Moss marches to the beat of his own drummer.

Apparently, Randy Moss has signed an endorsement deal with Pony International. Yeah, you read that right...Pony. Pony? Pony? Shit, was Spot-Bilt not offering enough coin? K Swiss and British Knights didn't produce good enough designs and mock ups? What about Lotto or Diadora while we're at it? I guess he didn't want to be just another athlete on Adidas, Nike or Reebok's payroll and he wanted to headline his own brand. I just don't see kids in the hood (or anywhere else for that matter) rocking Pony...unless it's the 70's/80's and/or they happen to own a time machine.

The last thing about Randy Moss is that it's widely speculated that he is either an altered human, mutant, cyborg, space alien or a genetic experiment/freak of nature. You can't guard him with one man and if you give him any kind of space he'll completely burn you. Throw high, he'll catch it. Throw it to him in traffic, he'll grab it. Give it to him behind the line on an end around and he'll break it for big yardage. He's a beast no doubt. I can't wait until this season starts. The preseason is now less than a month away (August 7th)!

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