Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 4 Semi-Live Recap


No Sopoaga for us -- interesting to see how this team handles an issue it did not face last year, injuries to that defense.  However, no Revis for them.

49ers had their traditional Autumn Retreat in the colony of the empire:  Youngstown, Ohio, homeland of the DeBartolos and Yorks.  Worked like a charm last year between weeks 3 and 4, lets see how it plays out this time.


49ers get the ball first this time, in noted contrast to last week when Minnesota got it first and scored and the 49ers played from behind literally all game.  Kyle Williams returns the ball from deep in the endzone to the 20, much ado about ultimately nothing.  First pass is deep down the sideline to Crabtree incomplete with a flag, they call Revis' understudy for PI.  Two Gore runs, and Crabtree misses the quick slant for the first down when the DB bats it away.  Lee's punt dies inside the 5 expertly, but C.J. Spillman bobbles the ball and knocks it into the end zone.  Spillman was out of bounds and the first to touch it, to boot, so the Jets start at the 25 yard line.  WR screen to Santonio Holmes for 11, I expect them to have noticed what Harvin did last week and emulate it.  Tebow in to run for 2.  Greene for 3.  3rd and 5, Jets hold to negate a first down reception.  3rd and 15, Sanchez is curiously allowed to go over the line of scrimmage before completing a first down pass anyway.   Greene runs twice for 8 yards, then Aldon Smith rides to save the day with a sack of Sanchez on 3rd down and force a punt.  Ted Ginn is back!  He fair catches the punt at the 8, campaigning for Fair Catch Interference as one defender was very close, but no call is forthcoming.

Second effort by Gore gets 5 yards.  Gore up the middle for 6, first down.  KAEPERNICK is in, keeps it himself on the option left, gets 17, and is slow getting up but it's to re-tie his shoe.  Hah.  Gore over left tackle for 13
just before the play clock hits zero, late flag for holding negates it.  Fuck.  1st and 20, empty backfield, no matter.  Manningham downfield for 25 on the left sideline.  Kaepernick back in!  DEEP for Moss, wobbling, and Moss has to play defender to knock away an interception.  Gore for 4 after all that.  3rd and 6 from the Jet 46, pass too far for Manningham.  Ah well.  Lee punts, and this time Spillman stays in bounds and gets in front of the ball, easily stopping it at the 3.

Greene for 1 up the middle, Greene over right tackle for 5, 3rd and 4.  Sanchez fires incomplete as Justin Smith comes on a well timed blitz after backing off the line.  Ginn's return is minimal, Anthony Dixon blows a guy up on a block at a not-ideal angle, hence it's a block in the back. 

Short over the middle to Gore for 5.  Empty backfield shotgun, Alex loops around and ends up scrambling right for the first down.  Gore for 4 to exactly midfield.  Fake end around to Ginn is an actual end around to Manningham and he goes right for 28.  Toss sweep left to Kendal Hunter gets 11 to the 11 to close out the quarter.


Alex bootlegs and has to throw it away.  Alex runs the option!?  Pitch to Kyle Williams and they get 9.  Delany Walker takes a false start.  Kaepernick is in on 3rd and 6, QB Draw to the left and he is in!  Touchdown 49ers, and Colin K. is getting way more plays than I've ever seen.  I approve of the Irony of doing this against the Tebow-having Jets.  7-0 49ers.  Akers puts the kick through the back of the end zone.

Pass in the flat incomplete, thanks to WILLIS.  Tebow in now as a halfback to block and throws a pretty good one on Aldon, slant pass gains 9.  Greene converts on 3rd and inches.  Tebow in to block again on a 6 yard pass, running play gets 3, 3rd and 1 and Tebow is back in looking at his wrist band, so he's QBing on this one.  Tebow takes a step forward and throws, very clever fake draw, the pass is caught and then fumbled by the TE, Dashon Goldson blasts him in the legs and he does not get up.  Carlos Rogers recovers and runs around for no real gain while the TE noticably writhes on the ground.  Too busy watching the guy not get up to notice if this will stand as a fumble or not.

Call confirmed.  Bruce Miller catches in the flat for 9.  Manningham catches a pass for the first down.  Time Out #1.

Gore left for 1.  Alex pump fakes and then eats an unfortunate coverage sack.  Smith eats another sack on 3rd down pushes them back to the 39.  But 55 yards is well within Akers' range.  However, this one knuckles just wide.

Greene runs twice for 9 total yards, Jets get confused and call time out #1.

Ahmad Brooks runs into Sanchez and bumps him down as Ray McDonald gets a well-timed rush on the snap count.  Ginn makes a fair catch at the 10, without incident this time.  Gore gets 5 the hard way cutting up the middle.  Gore gets 7 more straight ahead.  Kaepernick time, but he just hands to Gore and it loses 1.  Jets call time out #2.  Alex short pass to Crabree for 3 is the least bad of the options on the next play.  DEEP to Crabtree but it's a step beyond him.  Anthony Davis is called for a Personal Foul after the play, so it's now 4th and 20.  The broadcast shows no replay of the foul.  Lee's punt is uncharacteristically short and takes a Jet bounce to put the Jets on the short side of the field.  Short pass complete and the receiver backtracks from the first down and only gets 4.  Goldson with a well timed hit to knock the ball loose and it MAY be picked off by Whitner.  A flag comes in.  A bad flag, but they pick it up, and the ball is ruled incomplete, as Whitner did not control the ball.  #88 drops the ball and a very late flag comes in, and another dubious late personal foul comes in on Aldon Smith.    Smith punished for being smart as the guy tries to push him, but Aldon shifts his weight and the other guy falls down, making it sorta look like a hip toss.  Very Weak Hometown Call.  Obviously the real refs are trying to clamp down on anything that looks like rough stuff after the scabs let guys get out of control.  Two Minute Warning.

Short run of 3 is restrained by BOWMAN.  Pass is tipped at the line by Justin Smith.   Brooks hits Sanchez from behind after BOWMAN gets a hand on him to slow him down, knocking the ball loose and Justin Smith immediately recovers.  Nice!  Pass downfield over the middle to Vernon Davis who gets 23 and the sideline.  Crabtree gets 6 on a slant, with a flag on the Jets, 5 yards for illegal hands to the face, so Harbaugh takes that and the automatic first instead.  1:00 exactly left, Alex with a Favre-esque improved shovel pass to Gore for 8, next pass is short to Davis, but he gets both the first down and the sideline.  Pass to Crabtree gets 11 over the middle, and they take time out #2.  :23 left, 49ers just outside the red zone by inches.  Smith tries the option but trips over Joe Staley.  49ers bleed the clock and call time out #3, setting up a 36 yard field goal.  The FOX clowns keep trying to call it "interesting" smugly, but the 49ers are well served by taking points and racking up field goals whenever they get them instead of being too aggressive.  Akers puts it right down the middle and we will go to halftime with the score 10-0 49ers.


Akers to kick off, deep but it is returned to the 21.  Greene for 2, pass to the TE and he makes a nice move to shake off Whitner's tackle and gets the first down.  Chaz Shillens catches the next pass for another first down near midfield.   Screen pass tipped by Ray McDonald and INTERCEPTED BY MISTER PATRICK WILLIS!  Ha ha!  While the FOXcasters talk about "if".  "If it hadn't been tipped Greene might still be running."  So What?  I had my fill of these clowns last week.  Kendal Hunter in and he runs left for 12.  Gore drives ahead for 4 up the middle.  Gore sweeps left and gets 4 more.  Pass is tipped, juggled, and ultimately dropped by Delany Walker and he would've been short of the sticks anyway.  Here comes Akers from 40, way above the uprights and wide?  Uh oh.   Damn.

Greene bounces off a tackle in the backfield and gets 3.  BOWMAN nearly gets another interception on a deep over the middle pass, Whitner providing contact to at least ensure the receiver can't make a play.  Next pass is overthrown on the sideline and the Jets fans are starting to BOOO.  Ginn makes a running up catch and has a moderate return.

Wheel route to Delany Walker but he comes down out of bounds.  Walker on the slant next play gets 6.  Kendall Hunter takes an inside handoff out of the shotgun and he gets 7 to convert.  Gore FUMBLES, argh, but he falls right back on it.  Gore holds on to the next one but he loses yardage anyway.  DEEP pass to Manningham but he can only get one hand on it and it falls to the ground.  That play is there and has been several times, but they keep missing it.  Just as well, we would've have gotten to see Andy Lee's masterful punt as it hits the ground curls away from the goal line as if operated by remote control and Tarell Brown downs it at the 2 as we go to break.

A short run and an incomplete pass under pressure from Aldon Smith, and the Tebow chants build.  Pass is incomplete amid more BOOOing.  Ginn, as per usual, inadvisedly tries to backtrack as he reverses to the other side of the field, and he gains nothing on the return, but fortunately he was already on their side of the field.  48 yards to go.

WR screen to Manningham and he slips tackles to the tune of 12.  Delany Walker wide open and he comes down with the ball at the 11.  Bruce Miller gets an actual carry and he gets 5 as visions of Tom Rathman dance in my head.  Gore up the middle stopped just short of the first down.  JUMBO PACKAGE~!  And they seem to have gotten in Gore's way, and once again that formation fails.  4th and 1, this time Gore goes all the way for a touchdown as they try the same play again and block it a lot better this time.  Akers converts and it's 17-0 49ers with 2:49 left. 

McKnight finds a seam on Akers' kickoff and takes it out to the 36 from the back of the end zone.  Jets try to run again and Greene gets 3 as the fans express consternation.  Then again with how Sanchez is throwing it today, maybe it's not a bad idea to run.  Santonio Holmes on a WR screen picks up a first down.  Play action pass DEEP and Goldson's man gets behind him, but he times his leap well and swats it away with his hand, showing he can do more than blast people.  TE screen gains 6 after Cumberland makes a nice move to actually make WILLIS miss a tackle.  Gotta learn the guy's name after a play like that.  McDonald sacks Sanchez and yet a flag comes down, Illegal Hands to face on Carlos Rogers, replay shows it to be pretty weak.  1st down nevertheless and here comes Tebow.   Aldon Smith shits all over Tebow's fake handoff keeper and throws him for a loss of 2 with a nice waist tackle as the quarter ends.


Santonio Holmes catches it and goes down untouched and flips the ball forward, that is a FUMBLE, Carlos Rogers scoops it up eventually and he goes all the way for a TOUCHDOWN.  Play is stopped as Holmes is unable to get up.  49ers training staff was on the field calling for the Jets training staff to come over, his legs appeared to go out from under him.  Can you challenge that a player was injured and trying to give himself up?  We'll find out.

Ruling on the field is Confirmed.  Akers converts to make it 24-0 49ers with 14:46 left in the 4th and this one looks over.  Have to remind myself that I was nervous about this one this morning.

Akers bombs the kickoff and it is not returned.  Jets may not have beaten the play clock and soon wish they hadn't as a poor short pass flutters incomplete.  Sanchez just avoids a sack and completes it for 8.  Cumberland makes a Pyrric reception of a short pass and loses yards as Whitner ties up his legs.  Ginn makes a fair catch of the punt as we go to break.

Kendall Hunter on the sweep left, Randy Moss blocking downfield (!) to clear a path worth 13.  Gore right for 2 as I recall Moss hasn't had a catch today, don't think one's even been thrown to him and it does not quite seem necessary now.  Gore up the middle with a dash and a leap for 11 and a 1st.  Gore over right guard for 2, and it's time to make the clock bleed.  Shotgun end around to Ted Ginn who gets just short of the first down, however, he goes out of bounds, which is ill-advised at this phase of the game.  Oh, wait, the clock still restarts this early.  Never mind.  Gore picks up the first up the middle.  Toss sweep to Hunter left for 8, Kendall's Pet Play.  Graphic reveals the 49ers have had 7 different players with at least 1 rush today, which is amusingly contrasting with all the times they like to put up stats about "QB X has thrown to Y many different receivers today."  Time Out #1 to prevent a delay of game.

For some reason they come out throwing, Crabtree takes a bit of a push from Cromartie but the ball is overthrown and incomplete.  Slant pass to Crabtree, who is put in a headlock by Cromartie, and it's incomplete again.  Not a fan of those last two play calls.  Oh well.  Akers from 40 and he puts it down the middle this time.  27-0 49ers.

Kickoff clears the back line.  FOXcasters join the Call For Tebow no doubt amid pressure from the network to keep people tuned in for the commercials in this blowout.  Aldon Smith ankle-sacks Sanchez but Tarell Brown is called for defensive holding.  WILLIS blitzes, BOWMAN knocks the receiver down to ensure an incompletion.  Sanchez misfires again.  Justin Smith's rush forces another underthrown ball and an imminent punt.  BLOCKED BY LARRY GRANT!  The ball dies at the Jet 4 where it is recovered.  Cumberland missed his block.  Whistling cheers as the 49er fan contingent is now a large portion of the remaining crowd.  Hunter left for a yard and a half.   Hunter left for no real gain.  Roll out pass to TUFUAFU but he can't haul it in for the TD, Jets called for defensive holding, the next best thing.  Hunter goes in for the score, easily, on his next carry, and the extra point makes it 34-0 49ers and a "Let's Go Niners!" chant?  Road fans taking over a New York (Jersey) stadium.  NICE.  Akers just misses the rouge.  Here comes Sanchize again.  Jets running out the clock now too, conceding defeat with an inside hand off to Greene.  Sanchez misfires, again.  I should've come up with a greater variety of ways to write that statement, I've had to use it so often.  Cumberland with the Pyrric reception short of the sticks, Jets get the punt off.  Tebow was in as the upback on the punt and he actaully made the tackle.  GARBAGE TIME is here, as Anthony Dixon takes the handoff from Kaepernick and goes up the middle for 7.  JV squad is in.  Dixon carries again and gets a first down, with Tufuafu in as the fullback full time, tedious reporting every play as part of the JV squad, protecting Bruce Miller for another day.  Dixon carries for 3.  Dixon a little slow to get up on his next three yard carry, but the clock bleeds down to the Two Minute Warning.

Kaepernick on bootleg and he has wide open field forever, easy chance to score but he slides down at the 5 yard line.  Now it is victory formation time.  2 kneels by Kaepernick finishes off a Very Satisfying, absolutely dominating performance.  Final Score 34-0 49ers

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