Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Redskins Mid-Season Progress Report

We suck. Not in a "maybe it'll get better next year" type suck but a deep down ain't got shit to look forward to suck, that makes 3-5 feel like 0-1000. However, Brian Orakpo & Ryan Kerrigan can salvage this season by crippling some motherfuckers, and having not only footballs but quarterback heads roll out of the crumple zone and then somebody comedically great like Truck Neild rumbles in to score a TD with an opposing QB's head.

Oddly enough, by getting involved in the hit Rocky McIntosh kind of fucked up that Alex Smith crushage, by interfering with the natural physics Ryan Kerrigan learned at Purdue. Maybe McIntosh should've mixed in a few science classes in between trips to the strip club with that Devin Hogshire dude or whatever who is in jail for his Fonzie scheme who used to make beats for Fat Joe.

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