Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Won't you be my Neighbor?

408 yards passing, 4 Passing Touchdowns and 2 Rushing Touchdowns, the 1st ever Quarterback to do that in an NFL game. I guess Brett Favre thought he would also do that a few years ago as well. We started the game strong but failed to convert a 4th and 1 just inside the red zone. Orton got hot and connected with Lloyd a lot on the next drive however we held them to a FG. That's when Mr. Rodgers welcomed the Broncos to his neighborhood with a 50 yard Bomb to Jordy Nelson for a TD. King Neckbeard helped Charles Woodson get within 1 TD of tying Rod Woodson for most interceptions returned for a TD all time in NFL history. Mike Mccarthy then caught John Fox with his pants down and did him Deliverance style with an onside kick. Rodgers did his Moses impersonation with his parting the Broncos secondary like the red sea with a run up the middle to make it 21-3. Our defense then returned to it's horrible pass defending ways by letting Eric Decker score 2 TD's to make it 21-17. Before the half Rodgers marched down the field and threw a TD to Greg Jennings with 4 Broncos defenders around him. 28-17 Halftime

The 2nd Half our defense from last year showed up and we welcomed the Broncos as Sterling Archer would say, "To the DANGER ZONE!" Aaron Rodgers got his 2nd rushing TD of the day and pulled out his 1st Championship Belt celebration of the year. 35-17 the Broncos were still in the game until Desmond Bishop forced Daniel Fells to fumble inside the ten yard line. Rodgers hit Randall Cobb on a big play then James Jones got his 1st TD of the season to make it 42-17. Orton then threw another pick in the end zone to one of our playoff MVPs from last year Sam Shields. Aaron Rodgers decided he was ready to put on his show closing sweater and threw to Old man Donald Driver for his 1st TD of the year to make it 49-17 Rodgers' day was done. The Broncos scored a TD, Matt Flynn threw a pick and Orton matched him with a pick to Charlie Peprah to close the game.

Now, let's look at my 4 factors that would determine if the Broncos would stay in the game.
#1 Stop Von Miller: He had 2 sacks but we kept him in check the rest of the game and kept Rodgers upright. #2 Brandon Lloyd: He had over 100 yards but we were able to get turnovers at key times to feed our offense. #3 Don't turn the ball over and keep the yellow flags off the field, we did this very well. #4 Could the Broncos survive the onslaught? They couldn't survive the onslaught we threw at them and in the end we blew them out like I hoped we would. Those are my thoughts on the game and I will talk to you again when I post my preview of Green Bay going to the Georgia Dome.

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