Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The 183rd Meeting of Bears vs. Packers

WHAT THE FUCK??!!?? was going thru my head when Johnny Knox had the whole side of the field to himself except for our punter Masthay on the greatest play that didn't count this weekend. How the HELL do you not know where the ball is being kicked just look the Fuck UP!
Thank you Corey Graham for holding Jarrett Bush on that play because if that play had counted I would have starting throwing shit at my local sports bar and probably been banned from there this weekend. I will now go to my thoughts on the start of the game because I'm becoming worked up just thinking about the fake punt return.

I was a little distracted at the beginning of the game because the finishes of Bills/Patriots, Browns/Dolphins, Texans/Saints, and Vikings/Lions were all on the TV's around me. We started the game with four straight first downs completions to Greg Jennings and ended the drive with Jermichael Finley's 1st TD of the season. The 2ND drive was looking as good as the first drive until Bryan Bulaga went down with an injury and didn't return for the rest of the game. Marshall Newhouse took his place and it changed the game plan for the next few drives because we couldn't run our normal offense since we didn't trust him to protect Rodgers looking deep down the field. Our Defense looked good we didn't sack Cutler as much as everyone thought we would, but we forced him to throw early and Morgan Burnett picked him off twice. We did get timely sacks including Jarius Wynn getting 2 sacks. We held Matt Forte to 2 yards rushing on 9 carries for the game and after we went up 14 nothing with another TD for Jermichael Finley you could see the Bears gave up on the running game. Our pass defense from the first two weeks then showed up allowing Cutler to make it 14-7, we exchanged field goals to make it 17-10 at the half .

In the 3rd quarter, our defense from last year showed up not allowing Jay Cutler one completion the whole 3rd quarter. Ryan Grant's former self reemerged to give us a running game with 92 big yards while James Starks who was the man the first two weeks had a horrible game ending with negative rushing yards. To close out the 3rd quarter we added a field goal and started a drive that lead to Jermichael Finley's 3rd touchdown of the day in the opening stages of the 4Th quarter to make the lead 27 to 10. It was looking like a blowout until James Starks fumbled the damn ball and Cutler hit Kellen Davis on the next play on a blow coverage for a TD to make it 27-17. We coverted a huge 3rd down play for a first down to kill some clock but after gaping the middle of the Bears secondary with Finley and Jennings all day like a porn star's ass with a cock Brian Urlacher made a huge pick to drive up my blood pressure. Our defense man'd up and no points came out of that pick by Urlacher. For the 1st time this year we did not allow a 400 yard passing game against us (it was only 302). We stopped the Bears for the rest of the game which brings us back to the fake punt return. How the Fuck do you not know where the ball is going to be kicked unless Masthay just murdered it off the wrong side of his foot. I digress because I'm worked up again about that play and watching the AL wild card be decided as I write this.

A quick review of my 3 big factors to the Packers winning the game. #1 Rodgers was able to hit the home run down the field and take advantage of Bears secondary. #2 We didn't kick the ball to Devin Hester, of course the Knox play did happen but we already discussed that play at length. #3 We held Matt Forte to 82 total yards well under the 15o total yards benchmark I said would determine if the Bears would win or not. Those are my thoughts on the 183rd meeting between the Packers and the Bears. I leave you until I post my preview of the Denver Broncos visiting Title Town later this week.

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