Sunday, February 6, 2011

So here we are....

Your potential Super Bowl XLV MVP in action.

So I've been thinking of putting something up here for a while, and well, it just wasn't happening. It wasn't writers' block, at least not in the traditional sense. No, my problem was simpler: how can I write something and not come across as the same type of Yankee-Red Sox-Patriots entitled douchebag fan? I mean, here we are at a blog that has the rawest of emotions: those of a devoted fan getting kicked in the dick by their favorite team time and again. Who wants to read about the Steelers and their rapist QB going to their billionth Super Bowl?

Here's the truth: Ben is everything great about football. In an era where the NFL wants all their stars to be polished and corporate, Ben's out making it rain at a piano bar. When the current QB of the New York Jets is doing commercials for Pepsi Max, Ben's taking up the mantle of Broadway Joe - slamming drinks and slapping girls on the ass.

People around town have heard all the stories about Ben being a jerk to waitstaff, or expecting to be comped because of his celebrity, and oh isn't that just a terrible way to behave. My well reasoned and thought out response is simply this: I don't give a fuck if he flicks a wad of chewed gum at some ball-washer at a golf course. That guy's got a story he can tell his grandkids about how he got punked by a muli-Super Bowl winning QB.

You hear old timers talk about how they couldn't have made it in today's game. It's not because of how the game is played, or rule changes, it's because in today's world of TMZ and cameraphones in every pocket there's no way for a man to enjoy his passions - whether they be boozing, coke, or fine bitches. North Dallas Forty was more of a documentary than most people realize, and today's NFL would just be aghast at such a thing being produced today (and they were, remember that short lived ESPN drama about the lives of football players? That shit got pulled in record time).

In a way, it's almost comical to see the NFL try to turn football into this bland corporate enterprise. Yes, it's good for business but no matter how you dress up that pig, the drug/booze/painkiller/concussion/rape center will always find a way out.

But I digress. The Super Bowl. It sounds like insincere bullshit for a Steelers fan to be surprised at being in a championship game, but after everything that's gone on it's the truth. This season's been so whacked out that we lost our starting center right before the Super Bowl and it's not even cracking the list of things the team's had to deal with. That's why the Steelers are here, things happen and they just shrug and deal with it. It's funny, from what I can tell, pretty much everyone outside of Pittsburgh is rooting for Green Bay and have anointed Aaron Rodgers as the next great quarterback. I for one cannot stand for the man who did so much evil to Raven's sister to be a Super Bowl champion, and if that means the Steelers have to win a 7th title to stop such a menace, so be it. Personally I find it odd that a team that lost to Washington and Detroit (and their defense shut down the same Packers offense that is now considered unstoppable) can be a 2 1/2 point favorite, but I guess that's why I don't gamble.

My prediction? I won't go the Mike Ditka Superfan route and call for a blowout by my favorite team, but I think the Steelers have the defense to keep Rodgers in check enough to win. Both QBs are going to make their share of plays, but if it comes down to a close game in the 4th quarter, my money's on Ben every time.

Steelers 24, Packers 20.

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Raven Mack said...

I am glad my sister's honor has become a rallying cry against Aaron Rodgers, especially when an actual rapist is the beneficiary.