Monday, November 8, 2010

Steelers-Bengals Monday Night FOOBAW~!

Who Dey thinkin' they gonna make them playoffs?

Monday Night, the real football night in America, has come upon us again. Again we find ourselves with a matchup that looked a lot better before the season: Steelers vs Bengals. Oh sure, pitting the defending AFC North champs vs the perennial top dogs. However a funny thing happened on the way to the ballgame. The Bengals remembered they sucked and went back to battling for a 8-8 record.

It's hilarious, really. They go out and sign TO, draft some good young receivers, but somehow forget that they still have Carson Palmer at QB. He may be the most overrated player in the league in terms of how he's hyped versus actual on field performance. It gets even funnier when you see that the best choice they have behind him is his less talented brother. Clearly this is a family that has naked photos of Paul Brown.

This is not to say that the Bengals are a team that can be completely looked past. One just has to refer back to the Browns running a train on New England for evidence that Anything Can Happen in the NFL. However, they are a team that should pose less of a challenge as long as you stick to the basics: avoid turnovers, play solid D, and avoid any unnecessary cuteness on offense.

Failing that, we can always hope that TO does something zany for the MNF audience. Perhaps he will lead the Bengals' offense in a dazzling array of show tunes, or pull out his cell phone after a catch and call President Obama just to say "sup, dawg?". Or maybe it will be the usual routine Bengals WRs tend to show against the Steelers: no catches.

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Sek said...

OK, so I had the wrong WR, it was Ocho who would be largely absent from the game. Glad to see him continue his career long trend of completely disappearing in big games.

Also glad to see that the bullshittiest of roughing penalties didn't cost the Steelers this game. I still don't see what was so dangerous about Casey Hampton wanting to hug Carson's legs.