Friday, October 29, 2010

di di mau

Death in baseball is always a matter of days. Even ignoring that the dozens of games following any given regular season game render it almost meaningless, death in the playoffs is a protracted affair. It is chess on the beach, Death with you the whole way, one little bit at a time. You make your move and he chuckles softly, knowing things you don't. Death in football is less Seventh Seal and more Deer Hunter. It is quick, and brutish, and there is a good deal more luck involved than anyone would like to admit.

Two weeks ago the Jets were lucky to get out of Denver with a win. In the locker room after the game Rex Ryan told his players that they had nothing to apologize for, or rather, being Rex, that they didn't have to apologize for shit. That isn't the truth, though, and I suspect that some fraction of his girth knows it. They got a pass interference call they more-or-less deserved, and then a lucky break on a bad snap. It's early in the season and even if things had gone the other way it wouldn't have been the end of the world, but it was a reminder that your number will be up eventually. Handsome Mark threw two interceptions, and when asked about it pointed out that last year he wouldn't have even been able to look downfield for Santonio on that winning drive. That's great. We're all really glad with how fare he's come, but there will be a point this season where "look downfield" will not be sufficient strategy. The Jets have big things planned this season, very big things, and they have not been afraid to admit it. The game in Denver was a reminder that no matter how big you plan, no matter how much you want it, there are three bullets in those chambers and a lot of people waiting to see what color your brains are.

When the Jets lost the opener Rex declared that that was fine, they were now going to go 15-1. And when they lose again, he will shrug and claim that 14-2 is just as good. And so on down the line until they get to the games that really matter. Unless something goes terribly wrong the Jets will make the playoffs this year. Between then and now I suggest they stomp everyone they come across, Aaron Rogers included. And then they will be playing games that matter, where the margin of error is a meager two chambers out of five. I feel bad saying these things on a blog that is so devoted to the suffering of the damned. But I am taking my cues from Rex now, and that man doesn't apologize for shit.

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Neil said...

You have nothing to apologize for, friendo. Fuck your heathen team of assholes and swarthy cocksuckers but you are a credit to our collection of derelicts and assholes and if the trade off for your sage words is having to watch the Jets roll to sickening glory, then so be it. So be it.