Sunday, November 1, 2009

How the Falcons can beat the Saints on Monday night

The Falcons are coming off a tough loss to a Dallas team that needed a win and looked like they wanted it more than the Falcons. Keith Brooking made two tackles that were insignificant in the game and acted like a complete and utter douche bag (just had to add that one in there, Stupid fucking techie). The Saints have looked unstoppable this year. The Saints offense is #1 in the league in Yards Per Game and the Falcons defense is #24 in Yards Per Game. The Saints are also #1 in scoring at a remarkable 39.7 points per game. Did I mention that the Falcons best corner back, Brian Williams, went down last week with a season ending injury.

Here are the 5 ways the Falcons can beat the Saints on Monday night:

1. Drew Brees comes down with a severe case of Swine Flu and is hospitalized prior to the game.

2. The entire Wide Receiver corps for the Saints comes down with Food Poisoning prior to the start of the game.

3. The Falcons are allowed to pick the best secondary from any team in the NFL to play for their team on Monday.

4. Darren Sharper pulls a Eugene Robinson.

5. The Falcons offense matches the Saints blow for blow. With the likes of Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzales, Roddy White, Mike Jenkins, Michael Turner and Jason Snelling the Falcons have weapons. The offense has been inconsistent. The only way we win is if the offense wakes up and stands toe to toe with the Saints. Unfortunately, I feel that this is a more likely scenario for when NO comes to the ATL.

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