Sunday, October 11, 2009

The New England Patriots...We Just Win, Sometimes Even We Don't Know How

As you all know, I'm a Bostonian and here in Boston we have high expectation for our sports franchises due to their recent winning ways. I say this because I haven't forgot the years of embarrassment I endured when the Patriots were called the Patsies and their games were blacked out in Boston so we had to hear them get their asses kicked on the radio...then watch it taped as it aired later that same day. I remember vividly the slow ass Red Sox getting beaten repeatedly by the Yankees with no hope of ever winning a World Series. I remember in stunning detail when the Boston Celtics sucked more than Belladonna, Sara Jay, Pinky, Candace Von & Sasha Grey combined. Larry Bird, Kevin McHale & Robert Parish didn't come through that door...unless it was to be honored so the Garden faithful actually had something to cheer about for a change. That being said, now our teams our winning, why the fuck do we ever want to go backwards?

The Patriots opened the game with a turnover but once again failed to punch it in inside the Red Zone so team MVP Stephen Gostkowski hit yet another field goal. The Ravens swiss cheesed up the Patriots secondary repeatedly and marched down the field. The Patriots had the Ravens at a 3rd & Goal from the 20. Everyone in the stadium knew they were going to throw. Everyone knew the ball was going to Mason. He still caught a goddamn touchdown anyways. What the fuck? The Patriots came back in the 2nd quarter anchored by the running game as Tom Brady is still having timing issues with the WR's leading to accuracy problems and drops. Tom Brady had to run in a TD to make up for the fact he can't throw one and later on in the quarter Sammy Morris ran one in. The score was New England 17 Baltimore 7 at the half.

The Patriots got the ball first but failed to capitalize. The Ravens Joe Flacco actually looked good out there for a chance and made big throw after big throw. This made me look at Tom Brady like "Uh...Tom?". The Patriots were able to get big stops but when Tom Brady got rushed in front of the end zone and coughed the ball up leading to an easy defensive TD I knew it would be a long ass game. The Patriots did manage to get some breathing room after *gasp!* Tom Brady threw a touchdown to Randy Moss in the Red Zone to push the lead back to 24-14 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Of course, the 4th quarter opened with a Joe Flacco TD pass to Willis McGahee. The Patriots and Ravens fought back and forth until Stephen "Goldentoe" Gostkowski got the FG that ultimately decided the game. The Patriots offense & defense did the bare minimum to scrape out yet another victory, 27-21.

This afternoon @ 4:15, the Patriots will face the hated Denver Broncos in Denver. While the contests against the Falcons & Ravens should have properly prepared them for the contest a key injury to Fred Taylor could end up being their undoing. I guess we'll see, huh?


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