Monday, October 19, 2009

A Gutsy Win

Goaline Stand!

Neither the Bears nor the Falcons brought their A game on Sunday but the Falcons were the ones that gutted out the win. Matt Ryan was a bit off but the defense came up with some big red zone stops. The Falcons got in the Red Zone only twice on Sunday but scored touchdowns both times. The Bears were in the Red Zone four times and only came away with 7 points.

The Big Keys:

Eric Weems- The Bears return guys were talked up all game but it was unheralded Eric Weems that broke a big return of 62 yards that set up the Falcons winning TD.

Thomas Decoud- First year starter at Safety Thomas Decoud had a huge game with two interceptions. One was an overthrow by Cutler that he zeroed in on and the other was on a great play where he jumped in front of the receiver and made a play on the ball. He also had 2 plays against the Patriots where he dropped two interceptions. He’s looking like a guy who has the nose for the ball. It was nice to see him hold onto these two picks this week.

Red Zone Defense- The Bears had the ball inside the five yard line and fumbled in back to back plays with the Falcons recovering the second one. The Falcons also bowed up at the end of the game and kept the Bears from completing a big 4th down attempt. The defense really stepped up when they needed to today.

No Huddle Offense- Matty Ice didn’t play that well today but when the Falcons went up tempo he really had the Bears on their heels and they had trouble adjusting to what the Falcons were doing. Obviously this had something to do with the Bears being on their 3rd string Middle Linebacker but there was a clear difference between the Bears defending the Falcons in the huddle and in the no huddle.

Playmakers- The Falcons just have so many playmakers on offense. Sooner or later they will break one. Roddy White broke through in the 2nd quarter when he took a screen pass to the house. Tony Gonzales broke through in the 2nd quarter when he caught a TD pass with 4 seconds left in the half. And Michael Turner (who had a tough game against a tough Bears DL) broke through in the 4th quarter with a 5 yd TD run with 3 minutes left to take the lead.

We are 4-1 and in good shape heading into Dallas but the big concern coming out of this game is the loss of starting CB Brian Williams and how the Falcons will fill his role. He was picked up from Jacksonville during the off-season and has played very well. This is the time we need Tye Hill to step up as he hasn’t played since we traded for him.

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