Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Destiny, yeah right. JW out + Norv as coach = TOTAL FUCKING SHIT!

Well I'm here to eat some crow. Our season is over. Jamal W. is out for the season. He's the key to our defense. We have no one who can replace him. People will run all over us now, unless we make some kind of miraculous trade, we are sitting ducks. Sure we still might win the division and make the playoffs, but it ends there. If you don't win the whole thing what's the point. It's over. Norv is an idiot, con mac was right, we'll never win shit with him as our coach. He should stick to being an OC. The guys an idiot who shouldn't call the shots. I talked to Lemmy tonight, he said Charlie B couldn't take the embarrassment and killed himself. Someone murder me.

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