Monday, August 17, 2009

Preseason Ugliness and Hope

3...count 'em...3. That's how many INT's Orten threw in his first half appearance Friday night in San Fran. 3. Not a good number Kyle. The INT in the end zone on the first possession was the worst. How many times has this offense failed in the red zone the past...oh, I don't know... 5 seasons at least? It's painful to watch. It's not like the San Fran D scares anyone this year. Orten better get his retarded shit together. I am getting tired of hearing that he is a smart QB who can manage the game. Did he even throw the ball down field once? This ass clown has a fucking limp noodle for an arm. All the brains in the world aren't going to change that. If Orten doesn't get his shit together soon it's going to be a long goddamn year.

That's not to say Simms is going to be any better. Yes he scored twice, yes he moved the offense. Too bad it was against second and third string defenders on a D with no depth. His second TD pass was a fucking prayer and if a competent DB had been in the game it would have been pick #4 on the night for our illustrious QB crew. There is no QB controversy because Simms isn't the answer either. FUCK!!!

Breath, brother...breath.

There was some good news. The O-line looks solid and the running game behind it put on an encouraging show. We were able to move the ball on the ground pretty well with whoever was back there (except Lamont Jordan. No surprise there.). Knowshown, despite getting hurt, looked like just the kind of one cut and go RB we need. He looked explosive at the point of attack and easily found the holes. If this isn't a start to some long and winding injury marred career he could be very good. Hillis left off right where he did last year. He is a punishing RB who refuses to go down. McDaniels has to find a way to get him on the field a lot.

I thought the first string D looked pretty good. For the most part the SanFran running game had a tough time getting started. Granted they were running a rookie all night but the D line put in a pretty good show of it. The starting DB's held up as well limiting the 49ers to 3 points. The depth on D worries me a lot. No team goes through the season with out injury and this D feels one away from catastrophe.

Pessimism aside it was just the first exhibition game in a new system for everyone. I am willing to give numb-nuts Orten another chance before I throw him under the bus. He's on a short leash though. He needs to begin to turn this around and prove he can run this offense. McDaniels isn't going to ask a lot of his arm as evidenced in the play calling Friday night but he has to get rid of the turnovers. I mean they were terrible passes. Really awful.

I give the whole team a C for the effort. It wasn't horrible but it also didn't instill much confidence.

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Anonymous said...

Groover Johnson:

I am a Broncos fan, and I still am trying to clean the piss off of me which was drained down by our owner and his new boy. Don't get me wrong, I did think Shanatan needed to move on, but this fuck we have sucks. We gave up Cutlter because this guy thought our offense was the problem, not the D. The SF game was the first game I saw, and all I have to say is that I am happy my old lady didn't want to watch it and I was able to record that shit somehow. I watched the first drive, and just as my confidence built up, Orten took that shit like it was my first day in prison. The next day I watched the rest of the first half, and to be honest, I was hoping for 4 picks in 4 drives. I guess it is the sadist in me. I want Simms. Shit, put the damn punter as our QB. Anybody but that asshole that we got from Chicago. And I hope Cutler goes to the probowl this year. I just want to know why I feel like a Raiders fan...