Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Requiem for Alex Smith

Alex Smith needs surgery on that consarned shoulder of his again and the 49ers front office jumped for joy, placing him on IR and not-so-subtly awaiting the offseason to cut the guy and the $9mil they gotta pay him. They now have an excuse in discarding young Alex into "1st round QB bust bin" alongside Rick Mirer, Akili Smith and Byron Leftwich.

The Niners were never really committed to the lad really, I'm sure in another organization the guy would probably have things like, yunno, proper mechanics and shit by now. Drafting Alex Smith was a total rebound relationship. After years of prosperity we didn't know what to look for and then out of nowhere comes Mr. Smith blowing shit up at the combine and we had no choice but to take him (aside from Aaron Rodgers who probably would have suffered the same fate if he was drafted by them). The years afterward have been watching Alex Smith's growing pains while furiously masturbating to the spank bank that is our "legacy".

He showed flourishes of what he can possibly be for maybe a couple games in '06, leading this team to an optimistic 7-9 season, but learning different schemes and playbooks every year and throwing to such stellar recievers like Darrell Jackson and a guy named Arnaz tend to slow down the progression of a guy.

The moment I knew Smith was done was when Mike Nolan basically told the players last year "fuck him he's milking that injury, that pussy" behind Smith's back and an anonymous teammate calling him "The cowardly lion" in a span of a couple weeks. He practically had a scarlet letter that resembled a vagina emblazoned on his crotch for the remainder of his tenure here.

The blame can not fully fall on him. Mike Nolan has lacked any consistency except for sucking ass. It took him three fucking years to get a DT that fit the 3-4, his offensive play-calling is absolutely predictable and he has micro-managed the team into the depths of mediocrity. Mike Martz, super genius, comes in and grabs a backup who is masterful at kneeling down to kill the clock and makes him the starting quarterback and suddenly Alex Smith became a very expensive 3rd stringer.

Maybe somewhere else he'll be able to pull off a Tommy Maddox and be competent after a second-chance. I'll be rooting for him as long as he not in a Niners uniform or playing the Niners. The least of our problems is Alex Smith anyways because our coach is a moron fronting like he's tough and our offensive coordinator is an egomaniac fronting like he's a genius.
For now, though, I will drink to Alex Smith and the future of a football team that is hellbent on not having one.

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