Friday, September 5, 2008


actual iggles fan

My interest in football is never phased but is always on the ups when the issues invading the local sports talk radio are juicy and filled with Philadelphia Iggles fan retardedness (it will take a good 3 years for the fan base to realize Asante Samuel does not have an S at the end of his name). Last years top storyline involved the Latter Day Saints favorite head coach and poor mans Mike Holmgren having crackhead kids. The 'If he can't coach his kids how can he coach a team!' talking point was the peak of sports radio 610 WIP but I pray for the day where a 610 caller goes on a rant about Joe Banner's secret Jew plan to move the Eagles to Jerusalem. In classic Eagles fashion the team has made minor improvements while continuing to ignore the major hole at the wide receiver position. Our opening day starters will be Hank Basket and rookie standout DeSean Jackson. Expectations for Jackson are already so high he will need to be Devin Hester v2.0 or he will be a disappointment in the fans eyes.

In many ways this is the last run these guys have in them. Not many coaches can keep jobs for a decade without winning a title. Brian Dawkins, Tra Thomas, and John Runyan are still solid veterans but nearing the end. As always McNabb is the key. While Reid has continued to make it clear McNabb is the Eagles QB it's obvious hes building for a future without him as Kevin Kolb will be backing him up this year. If McNabb has a bad game the fans will call for Kolb. Despite having next to no weapons on offense Mcnabb has looked very good this preseason. Brian Westbrook is 29 with bum knees and just got paid. This could very well be his last productive year too.

Despite not even making the playoffs last year the national media has been high on the Eagles. The genius Dr. Z has picked them to win the NFC and the Sporty Guy William Simmons has picked them to go to the NFC title game. It would be fitting for end of the Reid/McNabb/Dawkins era to be another NFC championship game loss but fuck that. If the shitty Giants can shock the world why can't a decent Eagles team? The schedule is easy enough for this team to coast if they can stay healthy. I see good things for them this year but I'm not really impartial. I'll be there on Sunday with the rest of the Philly mooks spelling one of the few words we can with confidence while inhaling nitrous balloons.


Raven Mack said...

bee dubs in tha house.
Man, my favorite youth is this lady my wife rolls with's kid who is 11 and all about Philly sports teams. I got him saying Tony Homo now and he will cry if Donovan McNabb ever is not an Eagle.

BWT said...

that sounds like me when i was 11