Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm Glad It's Finally Over! AKA The NE Patriots Preseason Report

As a child, my mother used to tell me that if I didn't have something good to say then to say nothing at all. I never subscribed to it personally because I prefer to point out where shit goes wrong under normal circumstances. In the case of the New England Patriots this preseason I decided to take my mom's old advice. I couldn't watch many of these games past the first quarter because not only did the offense look extremely sorry when Cassell and Gutierrez were under center but the defense looked like it had forgotten how to tackle.

I didn't see a great amount of toughness or pride in the team that was on the field. Then again, the Patriots are all veterans and they're convinced that once the season starts they'll be able to turn into an elite football team. When the games begin to count and Tom Brady is taking the snaps it will all be a different story, they say. There's nothing to worry about it. The preseason means nothing. So what the New England Patriots went 0-4 and were outscored 56 to 89? So what they looked so bad in the preseason that some fans are scared they may lose between *gasp!* 4-6 games this season. Big fuckin' deal.

The Patriots roster is chock full of seasoned veterans and Pro Bowlers that have been there and done that. They don't panic, they merely get the game plan and the scheme week after week and work towards executing it. The Patriots are an unknown quantity at this point. What do the real Patriots look like? Did they sandbag this entire preseason in hopes of lulling the rest of the league into having lowered expectations of them? I'd like to think that was true.

The Patriots are mulling over if they'll keep 5 RB's or not. They still have huge question marks at back up QB and the secondary will work itself out by the time the season starts. Hopefully, the defense will play with renewed drive, fire and intensity considering how inconsistently (I'm being nice) they played last postseason and how horribly (still being nice!) they played in the Super Bowl.

They have an aging defense, even with the addition of Jerod Mayo who will have an immediate impact. The secondary is very "wait and see" and the team will hope they gel and improve as the season goes on. Without fire, intensity and toughness you're not going to stop your opponent and create turnovers. Without these attributes you woun't be able to capitalize on you're opponents mistakes or mental lapses, either.

I guess I'll reserve judgement until the season actually gets underway. The Patriots first game of the season will be September 7th @ 1:00 PM in Gillette Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs. College football season began today and NFL football season begins next week, I can't wait!

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