Friday, September 14, 2012

Clay is a BEAST

The Packers defense decided to show the fuck up this week with Clay getting 3.5 sacks and sacking Cutler 7 times overall while also picking him off 4 times. Tom Crabtree who last year was voted by the team as the the man you would most want with you in a zombie apocalypse scored on an awesome fake FG that stole a page from Les Miles grass eating self.

The offense was still off but better even with James Jones breaking off a route and giving life to the Bears near the end of the game. He also dropped a Touchdown pass so fantasy football players are mad with him today. Also as well Jermichael Finley getting the fucking fumbles to go with his dropitis. Now, the Packers get lots of time off to get ready to beat the seahawks on MNF in week 3.

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