Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chuck Bresnahan, Enormous Jackass

Let me say this right off the bat: I have NEVER, EVER been a fan of Choke Bresnahan and his horrible defensive scheme. He was horrible in his first stint as the Raiders defensive coordinator, and even worse in his second go around. His insistence on using a 4 man pass rush and sticking his corners in man coverage made him a favorite of Al Davis, despite the fact that his preferred scheme hasn't won jack shit in the NFL in the last decade. He likes to "think outside of the box" by doing such bold things as asking his linebackers to cover wide receivers. As you can imagine, these sort of things nearly always end up with said receiver standing in the endzone with the ref raising both of his arms in the air. His corners routinely play 10-15 yards off of the line of scrimmage, even on 3rd and short, resulting the opposition being able to put together long drive after long drive.  Rather than working a scheme that suits his players skills and limitations, Chunk repeatedly tries to shove the square peg into round holes. Aaron Curry is a good athlete who can make plays against the run but is awful in pass coverage. Guess who the dip shit D coordinator has covering tight ends or receivers? Mike Mitchell is terrible in pass coverage, so guess who repeatedly got raped by a gimpy Antonio Gates on Sunday? Kameron Wimbley is strictly a pass rushing linebacker. Guess who was constantly getting burned in coverage? This shit went on all season, and despite the fact that it was OBVIOUS that his crackpot scheme wasn't working, Chuck stood firm. Chuck Bresnahan, you are the reason the Raiders are sitting at home right now. Your bullshit prevent defense lost the game in Buffalo. Your reluctance to step on the Lions throat helped Matt Stafford bend your defense over and cornhole them in front of your own fans with less than 2 minutes left, ruining Thanksgiving in the process. Either of these games would have put the Raiders in the playoffs.

I am not a vindictive man, but I hope Chuck Bresnahan never works in the NFL again. This was a season dedicated to the memory of Al Davis, and rather than honor that memory, Chuck Bresnahan dropped his pants and squeezed out a 2' coil of shit on his grave. Happy New Year, Chuck. Might want to brush up on your interview skills. You're going to need them.


Whiouxsie said...

Gotta hope Amy Trask and/or Mark Davis hire a GM soon, so said GM can go out and hire Del Rio or Spagnuolo as a DC, or something.

Yeah, the Raiders defense is dire. They didn't force San Diego to punt fucking ONCE. Literally 0 stops in a game that became a win-and-in. I kinda don't want to see anyone in that secondary come back, because they all seemingly suck, but maybe it's just Bresnahan's shitty scheme? I'm undecided.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Hue is staying in place ? Any picks left for qb