Saturday, November 12, 2011

I've Got That Sinking Feeling

I'm trying not to panic after the Bills received their first full-fledged ass-whooping at the hands of the Jets last Sunday, but that game felt like the beginning of the end for the 2011 Buffalo Bills. The offense couldn't do a damned thing against that Jets defense, and the Buffalo defense could only stop the Jets when Dirty Sanchez fucked up. They've been demolished the last three games against the Jets, and play them again in two weeks. To think I once thought they could earn a split against them this year. *sigh*.

Now it's onto Dallas and the horrific childhood memories of Super Bowls XXVII & XXVIII. Needless to say (but I will still say it), I FUCKING HATE DALLAS, and their years of futility that have largely coincided with the Bills' own has brought me at least some comfort. You bet your sweet ass I was ecstatic when Romo dropped that snap in Seattle, or threw that INT against the Giants a couple years ago. If only the fuckbuckets around here that jumped onto the Cowboys' bandwagon in the mid-90s were still there, I would have been able to enjoy the schaudenfreude even more.

This feels like a game where Buffalo will give a good effort, and possibly force some mistakes from Romo, but then cave and allow a last minute game winning drive by the Cowboys, and then the NFL analysts will be able to talk about the Good Romo for a week. Although I'm not fond of the Nantz/Simms pairing (not only do they suck, but the Bills seem to lose just about every time they get a network's "A" team to cover their game), it's still preferable to the insufferable Aikman/Buck FOX team (Buck wasn't in the booth for Bills/Redskins, so they were saved from choking away that game), and although I'd feel slightly better about this game if it were in Buffalo, I don't know if I'd want to sit through the 30 video packages FOX would be sure to air of Aikman lighting up the Bills in the two Super Bowls, because FOX is run by assholes. I'm slightly amazed that we only got one replay of Noorwood missing the field goal at the end of Super Bowl XXV last week, as Noorwood was being honored by the team at halftime (another sure sign the Bills are going to lose at home: someone is being honored at halftime).

I can see the Bills keeping this game close, but then a fatal error or five will allow Dallas to either win it late if they're behind, or pull away late if they're ahead. Then I'll feel like a child preparing to take a shower knowing Jerry Sandusky is lurking somewhere until next Sunday.

Too soon?

P.S. I am so glad Penn State lost today. Everytime I find myself second-guessing my newfound hatred for them, there's a near-riot with dumbasses chanting for JoePa, or I find out the team was planning to deliver a game ball to the old man if they had won. Fuck Joe Paterno and fuck Penn State.

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