Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thrown into the Fire

This preview for the Packers at the Vikings was delayed due to College Football, the World Series game tonight, and from playing a lot of Arkham City. Some news before we get to the x-factors for the game. Sam Shields will be out for this game with a concussion (for some reason he didn't go down after picking a ball off instead he got WOO-Hit in the end zone) so Jarret Bush will take his place in the starting lineup. Chris Cook today got arrested for Domestic Assault and will probably miss tomorrow's game because of it. That makes the Vikings secondary very thin since he was already taking the place of Antoine Winfield. Before I get to the 7 factors for this game I got to say this game scares me because the Vikings in recent history have been a thorn in our side especially in the MetroDome.

Here are the 7 factors that will determine the outcome of this game.
1. The Crowd/Dome factor: Our young offensive line has to handle the noise that the crowd can generate. Cut down on false starts that put our offense in long 3rd downs to convert. If we can get an early lead we can take the crowd out of the game and as we learned from the movie GLADIATOR if Ponder wins over the crowd he gains his freedom.
2. Jared Allen: He leads the league in sacks with 10 this year and is notorious for being a Packers' QB killer. One year in just two game against the Pack he had 6 or 7 sacks which was half of his total for the season. Marshall Newhouse and Bryan Bulaga will have to kept him off of Aaron Rodgers or the Packers offense will have trouble moving the ball during the game.
3. Vikings' secondary: They will have a tall order in front of them trying to stop Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb shorthanded. The Packers WRs as we found out this week will be extra motivated because for every drop they have to buy the other 4 WRs a $100 best buy gift card. This matchup will determine the game if the Vikings DB's can contain the Packers WR's then the Vikings can stay in the game if not it will be as blooded as GLADIATOR for the Vikings secondary.
4. Jermichael Finley: Erin Henderson this year has had trouble covering TE's down the middle and this week he has to cover the physical mis-match that is Jermichael Finley. If they double Finley then it gives Jennings, Jones, and Nelson one on one matchups they can abuse like Chris brown did to Rihanna. If they only single cover him he will make Erin his bitch in this game. How the Vikings decide to cover Finley will determine where Rodgers goes with the ball.
5. Adrian Peterson: The Packers will have to stop ALL Day or Rodgers will be sitting on the sidelines a lot on Sunday because the Vikings will give us a heavy dose of Peterson. AP is the heart of the Vikings offense and if we can cut off the blood supply to the heart then the other organs of the offense will fail because the heart is not pumping out the needed supply of blood.
6. Christian Ponder: who the title of this post is referring to. He will be making his 1st career NFL start against Dom Capers and his defense. From watching him in college a lot ponder can run as well as throw the ball so Capers will have to remember that when calling blitz's this week. Ponder looked good in mop up duty last week, but this week he faces a defense preparing for him and only 1 rookie in recent history has beaten the defending super bowls champions. This week as his shadow he will have Clay Matthews Jr. chasing him for 4 quarters all over the field. I think he will do well but make normal mistakes for a rookie in his 1st NFL start.
7. Aaron Rodgers: Once again he is the #1 projected Quarterback in fantasy football this week on espn and yahoo. He will have to shake off the fog that happened in the 2nd half last week. He should be able to put up big numbers this week and keep his NFL record for consecutive games with a 100+ QB rating going this week. I projected he will throw for 325 yards this week and 3 TD's.

Before I go I will leave you with my prediction for the game and will talk to you again next week with my thoughts on the outcome of this game.

Packers 31 Vikings 20

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Dog you better cut this shit out. Your posts read like they shoulda been cut up and put into a Bleacher Report slideshow. One of the boring ones without gratuitous cheerleader shots. Nobody wants to read a damn Bleacher Report slideshow with no gratuitous cheerleader shots. If I'm going to read bland, sterile, canned commentary there better be some fucking tits involved.