Sunday, October 23, 2011

So . . .

Hey, those slivers of light look kind of like . . . horns.

I hate everything ever.

The end.


Bubbalouuey said...

What a freaking joke, if you saw the pregame Stafford walks into Ford Field looking like he is headed to his own execution staring at the ground, then they cut to Cam who looks like he is headed out for some fun and games, I think the mob has Stafford;s grandma hostage or something.

Neil said...

Yeah, his body language the past couple of weeks has been ... look, I don't want to overreact, but, well, right now I don't think I can write anything without overreacting.

CJ said...

Neil, if at some point you have the time...if you could explain the offense, I would really appreciate it. Not just Stafford, the offense and what the plan is. I do not get it.

Also, please do not hang yourself.

Neil said...


I don't either anymore. So, I mean, I could try but that would likely result in said self hanging.

CJ said...

Then certainly do not honor my request for an explanation.

I'll just go with...'please don't hang yourself' then. Please.

Neil said...

Hey, no promises.

Just kidding. If I hanged myself, I would be too terrified that I would shit my pants and then someone would find me with a pantload and, honestly, I am too vain to die with shit in my pants.

If anything, you'll wake up tomorrow and see a story on the news about how I tried to fire myself out of a cannon into the moon. We'll see how the night goes.

DarkStar said...

Problem with the offense. CJ?

1: Losing Jhavid Best, 3rd in the NFC in yards from scrimmage, hurt more than anybody realized. THat would be like losing McCoy in Philly, or Matt Forte in Chicago.

2: Stafford has had a rough three weeks. He's just going to have to work his way through it, that's part of the maturation process of a QB.

3: Offenses have figured out how to work around Detroit's ferocious pass rush. Basically, misdirection running plays and quick hit passes, especially the dreaded WCO skinny post and quick ins to TE's and RB's. The Lions front 7 is vastly improved, but the secondary is still dreadful. The part that worries me the most is that Louis Delmas has been utterly invisible all year. Wasn't he supposed to be the enforcer back there? he looks like some pussy from the chess club. Where's the guided missile? Where's the intimidation?

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone. Stafford has lost his mojo. That's not the only problem, though. Their "vertical passing game" has to integrate more dink-and-dunk. Fewer runs on first down, Linehan...and more throwing, in general (despite the recently increased coverage of receivers). Let the passing game open up your running game, as strange as that sounds.

The O-line is not good and Stafford is getting happy feet because he is (rightfully) scared for his life. There will be at least two big Offensive Line uglies drafted in 2012.

The run game is not good enough, the O-Line is suspect. Opponents are obviously increasing pressure on Stafford and forcing him out of rhythm.

The Defence is lots of fun to watch, they are still a work in progress and make some tremendous fuckups...but I really like them and they have the mojo.

Lions should be 3-4 right now. They stole two games they should have lost, and have lost the last two weeks to good teams. In my opionion, Stafford has been inconsistent ever since his best game -- in Tampa Bay. The past two weeks, this inconsistency has cost the Lions wins in two very winnable games.

All this amounts to a big dose of REALITY. Neil, do not hang yourself. They are 5-2 and could easily be 3-4. Football is an ugly business. Let's celebrate a little bit and hope for a win in Denver.

To state the obvious: Denver is obviously the turning point of the Lions' season. Win it, and the Lions have a shot at the playoffs. Lose it, and that's some ugly momentum going into the Bye Week.

The sky is not falling...yet. Stafford is young and fucked up, but there is still Hope.

Lord Anonymous

Neil said...

Yeah, I have to keep reminding myself that the Lions are 5-2 and that everything is - for the most part - positive, but it just feels like everything has been trending downwards. It's not so much the record, I guess. You're right, they probably should be 3-4 and that's what has me fretting and tearing at my hair and gibbering about hangings. I expected them to look better than this. That's as plainly as I can put it. I think this week was sort of a bottoming out of my own apparently ridiculous expectations - not so much where this team would be in terms of record but in how they would look if that makes any sense at all - and now I can recalibrate things and move on. Obviously, it would be ridiculous to declare things a disaster and I'm not about to, but I just felt an otherworldly frustration watching this game that has me generally feeling pretty down, you know?

There is just so much to say right now, so much to pick at, that I'm not sure I can get on top of it all without going nuts. The fan in me is overwhelmed and shellshocked right now, which is kind of a weird thing to say given that, again, the Lions are 5-2 and shit, I survived 0-16 but ... I don't know what I'm even gibbering about. Like I said, I'll move on. I just feel like putting this in its proper perspective is going to take some time. Obviously, I have a lot of thoughts and I'll find a way to lasso them and shape them into something semi-coherent and perhaps even interesting and meaningful at some point but for now, I'm just breathing the smoke left over from the fire of my own stupid dreams. Shit, I am halfway to a fucking blogpost with this comment alone, aren't I? Aw, to hell with it. If anyone is still reading, I apologize. I don't know what I'm going on about. Quick, get my ether rag.

AutospeedConcepts said...

I have to also agree with some statements here. I fully expected them to beat ATL down. For them to come out and look almost exactly like they did last week says to me that there are bigger issues goin' on....Stafford is not confident in any1 on offense but Calvin, not the other receivers and not the OLine....*not that I can blame him*.

He is rushin' his reads/throws, not settin' his feet and looks basically "rattled" in the pocket....*what there is of 1 anyway.

Defenses are takin' away the only person Stafford keys in on and the past 2 games should make that obvious....the defense and opposin' runners....I can't. I just can't. The penalties at the absolute worst possible moments in a drive or series....again, I just can't. Way too much to fathom.

Teams are getitn' pressure with 4 linemen....and it is workin'. Staff is missin' his targets....badly on some plays, and just not sharp. Seems their confidence is home of all places.

They pass to run, not the other way around....don't know why they are tryin' to be somethin' they are not or are not built for....completely mystified at the playcallin' in that regard....I won't even begin' to go down those dark halls of what is supposed to be special teams....givin' up special gift returns for excellent position to our opponents.

I want to have confidence in this offense, I just can't find it based on their play the past couple weeks....the defense I am actually OK with right now....they have indeed carried the offense this season if U really think about it....Stafford and the rest of our skill players on offense have to step their game up. Teams are bringin' their A game now. And thats a whole other level The Lions obviously are not used to....The Lions are bein' taken seriously....maybe what we are seein' is growin' pains. And sucks.

Not givin' up on the season....but this squad and coachin' better get some things tightened up quickly.

That 5-0 cushion is servin' its purpose now and they share the same record with last I checked 5 other teams....the only unbeaten bein' GB. I'll still take 5-2....but the way they have played as of late....get that shit tightened up ASAP.

OK. Apologies for the diatribe. Had to get that off my chest.

Neil....I look forward to Ur writin' every week. So as soon as U can find some words....just know that what U do is appreciated. Have a good1 dude.

AutospeedConcepts said...

Correction....forgot about the bye week for some teams....but my basic point with the record thing is simply that despite their woeful play....The Lions still have 1 of the best records in the entire league right now. There are no other teams....includin' The Steelers, The Pats or The Saints who have a better record....beyond of course, GB.

SO they are still sittin' in good position record wise. Guess thats 1 positive we can take from the past couple weeks....

Anonymous said...

Forget the ether, Neil...just go for the fucking pineal gland, rip off a big chunk and swallow. Remember: there are many rooms in the Mansion, and Weirdness dwells in many of them.

The Lions will win in Denver.

Lord Anonymous

DarkStar said...


Chronic insomnia is a terrible way to die, man.

Neil said...

I love my commenters. That is all.

AutospeedConcepts said...

Very true Anonymous.