Sunday, October 16, 2011

Of Giants, Bills and Drama®

Don't make me twist, motherfucker..

So, the Giants. They managed to hang on and pull this contest out their ass. Honestly, I didn't give them a chance and was very thankful it wasn't broadcast in my city. (FYI: I actually live in no man's land but am forced to suffer through 49er and Raider games, because the local affiliates request them. Yeah. That's a big fucking rant in itself..remind me sometime..) But they won and with the Deadskins appalling loss to the Eagles, Big Blue goes into the bye week sitting alone atop the NFC East.

The Giants game plan was simple: don't turn the ball over. Eli did his part by completing 21-32 to his own receivers (for once) and avoiding sacks. Ahmad Bradshaw, who was essentially the entire running game with Brandon Jacobs sidelined, pounded out 104 yards and three TDs. Big Blue also managed to not fumble and took advantage of Bills mistakes, especially two DPIs and a flagrant facemask. It wasn't all good: the Gmen still committed 79 yards worth of penalties and the defense struggled in the first half, giving up a shittacular amount of yardage and two TDs. But a win is a win. I'll take it.

The rest of the Giants schedule is intimidating..they still have to play at NE, SF, NO and DAL. They get GB at home, at least. But their inconsistent play and all the injuries that are stacking up make me nervous about the remainder of the season. Ok, fuck nervous. Scared. There. I said it.

On a non-Giants-related side note: while Jim Schwartz's postgame tantrum was a bit undignified, the drama stirred up by the sports media was even worse. It's was not a "fracas" and it was not a "scuffle between teams". It was a passionate coach taking a loss a little too hard. And now it's over. STFU about it, please and talk about shit that actually matters. Like Dallas losing again.

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