Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Disappointing Blowout

The title refers to my general feelings about this game and the mixed feelings that came out of the game. We allowed the Rams to drive down the field and Lance Kendricks to get a 40+ yard reception because Morgan Burnett couldn't wrap up due to a club on his hand from an injury in practice this week. Luckily Josh Brown missed a FG and in respond we drove down the field to get a Crosby FG to make it 3-0. We were then off to the races with a short field to start that led to a 37 yard James Jones TD. On the next drive we started on our own 7 yard line, but Jordy Nelson abused a former Packers cornerback Al Harris for a 93 yard TD. We added a Donald Driver TD and the Rams kicked a FG before the Half to make it 24-3. I felt great about the 1st half, but sadly the 2nd Half started and it flat out sucked. Our defense looked really good like I hoped they would however their play was overshadowed by AJ Hawk's gesture (That you see above). As you see he gave the finger to his own sideline because it was a running joke amongst the Packers about how long it had been since his last Solo sack. I liked the gesture and that our defense is finally starting to play like I thought they would at the beginning of the season. As for our offense in the 2nd Half they looked off, lacked focus and seem to just want the game to be over with. I think we got 1 first down the whole 2nd half and it was the one that let us assume victory formation at the end of the game. Hopefully we get that ironed out this week in practice with a divisional rivalry coming up this week.

Let's see how I did for my 6 factors for the game:
1. Steven Jackson: he had a great game but didn't get 42 carries. When it was time that we had to stop him we did and didn't let them convert 3rd and 4th downs.
2. Power Sweep: We almost ran for 100 yards total but didn't look great running the ball.
3. Rams O-line: We got to Bradford at will but he did get the ball off most of the time he did pay the price for standing in the pocket. Bradford suffered a high sprain ankle during the game and Clay Matthews Jr. got his 2nd sack of the season to end the game.
4. Focus: We only had 1 turnover that was off a WR's hands, so we did a really good job in the department when in comes to turnovers and the hankies coming out. However our offense seemed to lose focus in the 2nd half which I did not expect going into the game.
5. Rams secondary: We lit the Rams' secondary up like Nelson Cruz did to the Tigers' pitching in the ALCS in this game. Rodgers almost had 300 yards in the 1st half.
6. Wimpie: It was a Wimpie I just think we should have won by a lot more.

Those are my thoughts on this game and I will be back later this week for my preview of the Packers visiting the Minnesota Vikings. Now off to play Arkham City


AERose said...

Dog you cold have a peter in your mouth.

You write like a dude who writes pretty boring and mediocre fanposts on sbnation.

STARDUST said...

Pukey serious sports analysis makes me wanna pukey.