Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Devil went down to Georgia

Looking for a Soul to steal and in the 2nd Half the Green Bay Packers took the Atlanta Falcons' like motherfucking Shang Tsung. The game did not start out great for the Pack. The Falcons on the 1st drive looked like the Falcons from last year with balance and a heavy dose of Micheal Turner. On the Packers' 1st possession they were down 7-0 and looking like they would hold serve to make it 7-7, but Ryan Grant fumbled for the 1st time since September 2009. Turner ran it in for a two Touchdown lead to start the game. I won't lie I was pretty pissed and thinking about about blowing mutants heads off in RAGE while I record the game, but I talked myself out of it. On the next drive a potential Achilles Heel for the Packers' Super Bowl dreams emerged in Chad Clifton clutching at his injured hamstring. Marshall Newhouse switched to Left Tackle while the rookie Derek Sherrod made his debut NFL debut at Right Tackle after his failed experiment at guard during the preseason. This changed our offensive gameplan however Rodgers adjusted like the Sorcerer that he is to still make big plays down the field. We settled for a FG then like a Phoenix rising from the ashes our defensive kept us in the game and held the Falcons scoreless for the rest of the game. We drove down the field with our two young tackles holding up, but Jermichael Finley dropped a would be touchdown like that antelope dropped that bicyclist in South Africa. We settled for a Crosby field goal that made it 14-6 at the half and I was hoping Mike McCarthy would give Clifton some GO bills to play in the 2nd half. I didn't know how bad he was hurt at that time and we wouldn't know how severe the hamstring is until a few weeks from now.

The Falcons didn't believe our Tackles would be able to hold up and sat on all routes believing we couldn't go deep because of our backup tackles playing. McCarthy gambled and Crosby hit a 56 yard field goal like he was SEA-BASS. The Falcons continued to bring pressure and sit down on routes then Rodgers threw a laser pass to James Jones for a 70 yard Touchdown to go up 15-14. The life went out of the Georgia Dome like the light in people's eyes when Shang Tsung takes their soul. It was like someone yelled Finish Them over the PA when Greg Jennings made a great run after the catch for a TD. Matty Ice threw a pick, Crosby added a FG to make it 25-14 and NBC played "the Devil went down to Georgia," while showing a highlight of Rodgers. Jarrett Bush (a person you will hear me complain about later in the season) added another pick and we were the 1st team to start 5-0 this season with a 25-14 VICTORY. Let's look at my 5 factors for the game and how they turnout.

#1 Protection: This was the main reason the Packers had a slow start after Clifton's injury, but Newhouse and Sherrod found their footings which allowed us to go down the field.
#2 Time of Possession: The Packers had the ball for 33:11, so the Falcons weren't able to kept the ball away from our offensive and limit our number of touches.
#3 Old Falcons or New Falcons: The 1st two drives they were the old Falcons then morphed into the New Falcons for the rest of the game. Dom Capers' made adjustments and didn't let the Falcons do anything after those 1st two drives.
#4 MAN UP: They did to start the game but couldn't hold the line forever and when it did break Rodgers tore apart their secondary.
#5 Aaron Rodgers: 396 yards and 2 passing touchdowns, Rodgers adjusted to Clifton's absence and moved swiftly in the pocket to avoid pressure and rip apart the Falcons secondary. He would have had 3 TD'S and 400 yards passing if not for 2 big drops by Jermichael Finley.

Those are my thoughts on the Packers beating the Falcons and I will talk to you again when I post my preview of the Rams visiting Title Town.

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