Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chris Cooley on Chris Cooley

Oh man, Cooley laid out an epic (by athlete's standards) post at his blog in regards to the whole Romo cagefighting thing. You can read it here, where Cooley answers angry fans tweets about sucking Jason Witten's dick, amongst other things.
Also, apparently not all Cowboys fans support Tony Romo, as this video proves.


Donnie said...

I love what Cooley is doing. Rivalries in the Pros sucks. I wish some of my Lions would come out now and then and talk some junk about the rest of NFC North.

Andrew TSKS said...

Oh man. He referred to Boomer Esiason as "Norman," which Boomer notoriously hates. That's glorious. So much about this is glorious, in fact, but that in particular cracked me up.

AERose said...

Skip Bayless is, like, 1A to Craig James 1 on my Worst Human Beings list.