Friday, October 14, 2011

1929 ACME Packers

That photo is a whole lot better the 1929 ACME Packers throwback uniforms we will wearing this week. We wore them last year against the 49ers, so if you don't remember them look up the Donald Driver play from last year when he broke like 6 tackles and you will remember them. Sam Bradford will have his work cut out for him this week going up against Dom Capers with his depleted receiving corps. Steven Jackson will play and he will butt heads with a Top 3 defense against the run. BJ Raji last week looked like he did during our playoff run last year. Aaron Rodgers is again the top projected Quarterback in Fantasy football this week. He should be able to carve up a secondary which is missing 3 our of it's 4 top cornerbacks. Steve Spagnuolo will have his defense fired up this week with 2 weeks to prepare coming off a bye week, but outside of Chris Long he doesn't have the horses to pull off the upset. Outside of Clifton's injury the Packers will have everyone available in this game.

Here are the six factors to keep an eye on while watching this game.
1. Steven Jackson: On NFL Live today stink said for the Rams to win Jackson will need 42 carries. If he runs that well it eats the clock and keep Aaron Rodgers off the field. That said Dom Capers knows this and with the Rams having no real threats at the WR position I expect him to stop Jackson then as Mr. Burns would say, "UNLEASH THE HOUNDS," on poor young Bradford.
2. Power Sweep: The Rams are dead last against the run this season. They are giving up around 180 yards a game this season. Mike McCarthy should feed James Starks/Ryan Grant this week taking advantage of that fact and setting up their defense for some nasty play-action plays later in the game.
3. Rams O-Line: The Rams are dead last in the league in sacks allowed per pass play. They can't protect Bradford this year and the Packers have not had a monster sack game this year (cough Clay Matthews cough) so they are due for one.
4. FOCUS!: The Packers need not give the Rams extra chances with dumb penalties and turnovers.
5. Rams' Secondary: Three out of their top 4 cornerbacks are out this week and the backups have to go up against Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Donald Driver and Randal Cobb. That equation will probably equal out to the Rams getting blown off the field.
6. Wimpie: That is what Rob Naylor calls squash matches in Pro Wrestling and that is what this game should be. 31st in the power rankings/a winless team against the #1 team in the power rankings, an undefeated team. This game better be a blowout if the Packers are who we think that they are. That said I believe they are who we think they are and I predict Packers 45 Rams 17 to be the final score. That is my preview of this game and I will talk to you next week with my thoughts about the outcome of this game.

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