Friday, September 23, 2011

Bears Vs. Packers Preview

I figured that would be a great way to start my 1st blog here on Armchair Linebacker. It was a whole lot better then the guy wearing a Cheese head bikini. Before I focus on this week's game I figure I should talk about the 1st two games of the year for the Pack. The Saints' game started great then the Saints made a huge comeback, but we were able to respond and go up 15 then the Saints cut it to an 8 point lead. They then started to drive down the field and I though we won it when AJ Hawk leaped like a fucking gazelle over Darren Sproles' head and the ball flew towards the ground like the satellite current headed for Earth. My moment of happiness was short lived however because a yellow flag was on the field. At that moment I was like Jay Briscoe: shirtless, and with an southern accent saying Fuck so many times it would bring a tear to the eye of the late great George Carlin. Our D souled out on the next play and flew in stereo in the air like they were the Hardy Boyz in the late 1990's. Last week Cam Newton threw for 400 and we were able to put up 30 points to get the win in a close game. The win was a double-edged sword because we lost our starting Free Safety in Nick Collins for the season with a neck injury. Taking his place will be Charlie Peprah who started 13 games for us last year taking the place of Morgan Burnett who plays Strong Safety.

Now, onto this week's game: Bears vs. Packers, good old fashioned hate like football is suppose to be. The 1st two weeks we allowed Drew Brees and Cam Newton to throw for 400+ yards against us, I hope this week we stop that trend. With Clay Matthews, Tramon Wiiliams, and Charles Woodson all looking like they will play this week we should be able to take Cutler at will this week. Jay Cutler was sacked the most in the NFL the 1st two weeks and with Gabe Carimi being out it should get worst this week for him, especially with "The Freezer" BJ Raji being in the middle, hopefully this week playing like Mark Henry and tearing thru the Bears O-line like Henry is currently doing to the smackdown roster. Now, we focus on the man wearing the Championship Belt Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers throwing 11 or more yards Downfield since becoming a started against the rest of the NFL has a 48.4 Comp pct with a +15 TD-INT diff against the Bears however it is 45.5 with a -2 TD-INT diff (not including the NFC championship game last year). Rodgers has to turn this stat around this week because by hitting the homerun it opens up the underneath routes and on our next series we are able to find holes for Starks and Grant in the running game. We also need to get James Jones involved more in the passing game and don't forget this week to get Jermichael Finley the ball in the 2nd Half like the last two weeks. He did get a target last week in the 2nd Half but the Calvin Johnson rule came into effect and took a TD off the board.

Here are in my opinion the two factors that will kept the Bears in the game and the Packers need to avoid at all costs. #1 Don't kick the ball to Devin Hester, he is a gamebreaker and makes a whole sports bar who don't care about the Bears take notice when the ball is kicked to him. #2 This is the key to the game keep Matt Forte under 150 total yards for the game. If we kept him under 150 total yards we should win if he goes over that number we are in danger of losing this game. Jonathan Stewart had 100 rec yards against us last week and helped keep them in the game. That is my Bears vs. Packers preview and I will leave you with my prediction for the final score Packers 31 Bears 24.


Whiouxsie said...

Welcome aboard, bro.

Hail Sabin said...

Thanks, bro.
I'm picking your 49ers to win this week and hopefully Frank Gore finally returns to form this week with a monster game.