Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010: Where Jamaal Anderson Is No Longer A Bust?

No longer a bust?

The Falcons were up 17 to 10 and had punted the Seahawks inside the five yard-line. That's when time slowed down. Fourth year DE/DL Jamaal Anderson beat his block and amazingly rushed towards Matt Hasselback. Hasselback was in the endzone and looked shocked that Jamaal had beaten his block and was coming straight for him. Hasselback had watched tape of the Falcons and was not familiar with this version of Jamaal. Jamaal came right after Hasselback and with a mighty thwap knocked Hasselback and the ball to the ground. The best DL in the NFC South, Jonathan Babineaux jumped on the ball for a TD to put the Falcons up by two scores and basically end the game. It was in this slowed down moment of time that Jamaal Anderson might have just shredded his label of "NFL Bust". It's not his fault that the moron Bobby Petrino picked him 6th in the NFL Draft.

It's been plays like this by guys like this that has led the Atlanta Falcons to their 11-2 record, their playoff birth and their longest winning streak since they went to the Super Bowl in 1998. Dudes like Jamaal Anderson, Brent Grimes, William Moore, Eric Weems, Kroy Biermann, Jason Snelling and the list goes on. These guys have stepped up to either play critical roles in this years team or to have critical moments in big situations. It just seems like with this team that when someone needs to step up...someone will step up.

And while I'm here I might as well make the case for diminutive CB Brent Grimes to take his place in the Pro Bowl this year. With the Falcons up by 14 he made a jumping athletic interception of Matt Hasselback that led to a Falcons FG. And then on the very next drive he deflected a pass which was then intercepted by William Moore which led to a TD. Grimes is second on the team with tackles with 70, has a team high 17 passes defensed (which is near the tops in the league) and is tied for the team led with 5 interceptions. Throw this guy a bone and put him in the Pro Bowl. He deserves it and make sure Eric "Special" Weems gets there too as the NFL Special Teams guy.

Next up is some must see TV live from the Georgia Dome next Monday night as the Falcons host the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. Should be a fun one.

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