Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey the 49ers won.. .NEAT!

Woah what a wonderful win! The San Francisco 49ers have defeated the last-place team in the NFC West, a division that is more concerned with re-enacting rag-tag football movies such as "Necessary Roughness" or "Little Giants" than winning football games. The 49ers were built in mind to beat the Cardinals, the most recent NFC West mini-dynasty. Unfortunately, EVERYONE beats the Cardinals now.

How awesome is it that the 49ers are one-game behind the Cardinals and Seahawks for first place in this goddamn division? It is awesome. There has to be a way for the winner of the NFC West to forego the NFL playoffs and just recieve a bid for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

Holy shit what? Frank Gore has a broken hip? Don't you realize this is what Singletary wants? He has since foresaken the concept of a head coach and is officially method acting Coach Carter. This is something the troops can rally around. Coach Carter worked for one season but the sequel is atrocious, no matter how much the win meant or how the rest of the season unfolds.

In order to make it to 8-8, the 49ers have to split against San Diego and Green Bay and then run the table on the division. Earlier in the season the 49ers fumbled a punt against New Orleans, fumbled a game-clinching interception against Atlanta and fumbled the ball (and the momentum) against Philly at home.

Those are three games in which typical undisciplined Niner mistakes have come under the regime of a "disciplinarian". This is also a team that had two touchdowns called back on penalties against the Rams.

So the key to the 49er success is not that hard: Don't be stupid. They were one mistake away from defeating three teams in the hunt for NFC top seeding. But they also lost to the Carolina Panthers.

Anthony Dixon and Brian Westbrook go where the o-line takes them. I have faith in Iupati and Davis (more Iupati though) to develop into stalwarts at the line, mostly because of the offensive-line coach change to Mike Solari (Our old shitty guy Chris Foerster moved to the Redskins so sorry Raven). That'll be for 2011 and 2012, but right now mediocrity is in our grasps. Oh shit, nevermind. They just got called for another fucking penalty.


Whiouxsie said...

Oh shit, now you've gone and done it. Split their road games with SD and GB and sweep their remaining division games DOES equal 8-8. That... that probably WOULD win this division, wouldn't it? Can't count on them to pull one out in Lambeau, but, hey, if the Raiders could finally beat the Chargers this year, maybe the Niners can steal one from them too... jeez, this season's faint hopes just will not die, will they?

Gonna be real rough without Frank Gore, even though last night the game plan seemed to be "just pretend Westbrook IS Frank Gore and maybe no one will notice."

Raven Mack said...

"split their road games with SD and GB"... that's where you lost it, although 7-9 could easily win the nfc west so you might not even need to.
my prediction - 49ers win division, bears at 49ers wild card weekend, singletary goes mad

Anonymous said...

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