Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"I thought I played pretty well..."

Really, Jamarcus? You thought you played well? Far be it for me, a mere fan who has never played pro ball to disagree with an obvious pro like yourself, but you couldn't be any further from the truth. Maybe if you are going by the practically non-existent expectations that the rest of the world has for you, maybe you played OK. You only turned it over once and complete over 60% of your passes. Of course, only 2 of those completions were to wide receivers and the rest were 4 and 5 yard dump offs. Then there's the fact that you barely cracked 100 yards passing. Also there's the small matter of you not throwing a touchdown pass. And your team (that's right bub, YOUR TEAM) lost. But hey man, that's cool. Keep sidestepping the criticism and alluding the blame. You certainly can't sidestep or allude d-linemen or blitzing linebackers. The way Al Davis and the people who change his Depends pamper Jamarcus and shield him from accepting ANY culpability he has in being the worst #1 overall pick ever has risen to unfathomable heights. He says that it isn't his fault and hears that it isn't his fault so often that he actually believes it now. He throws a shitty pass up for grabs and then points the finger at Todd Watkins when it gets picked. He audibles on 3rd and long into a run straight up the middle that results in a 2 yard gain and yells at Justin Fargas. The only thing separating Jamarcus from Ryan Leaf at this point is his chummy-chummy relationship with the media, who he thinks actually has his back. The Raiders post game press conferences have become hilarious to watch as reporters ask Jamarcus what he he thinks went wrong and then try not laughing as Jamarcus lays the blame at the feet of everyone else. Keep deflecting the blame, lard ass. Seymour, Morrison and the rest of the D will beat your ass sooner or later. It's sad to see the team I have rooted for since the age of 4 become one never ending punchline, but at the same time, it's kinda hilarious.

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Whiouxsie said...

And as if everything you mentioned about him wasn't enough, I'd like to add my enduring memories of week 1 against San Diego and week 5 against the Giants; Johnny Lee Higgins and Zach Miller getting knocked out of those games (and Higgins missing the next game too) because they were exposed to dangerous hits because they had to go up for Russel's horribly off the mark throws and present the opportunity for the kind of body shots Safties dream about dishing out.

I can laugh at the rest, but the idea of those guys -- good players, with a chance at having way longer and way more successful careers in this league than Russel will ever have -- getting those careers shortened because Jamarcus isn't held accountable for any of his myriad mistakes? That's not funny at all. When your "Defense Jumps Russel" scenario finally happens, Higgins and Miller might just lead more cheers than the Raiderettes.