Friday, October 2, 2009

Seahwaks trip to the Super Bowl

For starters, Raven made me do this shit. This may be the one and only piece I ever write.....mainly because its hard to be a Seahawk fan.

Background: I was 8 years old when the Seahawks were formed in 1976. I lived in SW Virgina, surrounded by idiot Redskins, band-waggon jumping Steelers, and the ubiquitous Cowboys fags. I didn't want to be a sheep and follow along with everyone else, an 8 year old.....when I saw the Seahawk logo, I thought: that's pretty cool. A life long love-hate relationship was formed. One of the best parts about being a Seahawks fan is that no one questions you. If you are dumb enough to admit it, people generally take your word on it.

Except that one fateful night: Super Bowl XL.

What I am getting ready to recount is an accurate description of my experience during that game. You can't make shit like this up, so don't think that it's embellished in any way, shape, or form.

To this day: I have never seen one play of Super Bowl XL......but wait you is that possible if you are such a big fan? Allow me to share my misery of being a Seahawks fan:

I work in surgical sales. My main responsibilities are to be in the OR assisting with the implantation of the devices I sell. I had planned to go to the game, but a had a caseload that prevented me from seeing my beloved team in action. I tried to find replacements, but no one would step up to the plate for me.

At the time, I lived in Richmond, VA but my cases were scheduled for far SW Virginia the following day. I said goodbye to the family around 2pm that Super Bowl Sunday, and went down to a buddy's house to watch a little pregame. I had calculated the exact amount of travel time that would be necessary for me to arrive at my destination 15 minutes before the kick-off. Things were looking up!

Driving as much as I do in a year (65,000+ miles), Sirius radio is a necessity! I was rolling down I64 listening to all the pre game, not a care in the world. I passed C-ville (home to all those UVa yuppie fags) and started up Afton Mountain. It was a cold January night. I'd say the temp. was well bellow freezing at the bottom of the mountain, and really fucking cold on the top of the mountain. No sooner had I crested the top of the mountain near the closed for the night Afton Inn.......boom, I throw a rod in my ride. Dead. Nothing. Not moving.

OK, I think to myself, I can get AAA up here and still make it to see most of the game. I call and they say that someone should be there in about an hour. Grrrrrr, that's going to cut into my game time. An hour AAA, game is starting.

2 hours pass, three increasingly angry calls to AAA later.....still nothing. At least I have my Sirius, right? half-time, sitting on a freezing mountain, my car battery dies. I am now in the middle of nowhere, no electricity, no heat, but most Seahawks.

I ponder the option of abandoning my car and walking several miles down the mountain to a hotel, where I could at least watch some of the game. Common sense got the better of me and I decided that could be a dangerous move. So I sat, and waited. And waited.

Finally, over three hours later, the the tow truck pulls up and asked me if I wanted a ride back to C-ville. Knowing the exact limits of what AAA will do for you, how far I was from home, and the fact that I needed to be in surgery the following morning......I pointed out to the driver that he was obligated to tow my car 100 miles. My place in Roanoke was 96 miles away.....gidyup. He was not pleased......nor was I.

Upon settling into the truck cab, I asked him if we could listen to the game.......The BIGGEST GAME BEING PLAYED IN THE WORLD!

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you by this point that: He hates football and me. He wont turn it on. That was possibly the closest I have ever come to killing someone.

On the trip home, I made the excuse that I needed to take a dump, just so I could find out the score and the ammount of time left in the game. By my calculations, I could arrive just in time to see the last couple of minutes. The Fates were against me, and it was not to be. I walked in my door to find the post game show, jubilant Steelers, and dejected Seahawks.....although no more so than me.

By the next day, I was so bitter that I could not even watch one highlight on ESPN. Anytime, which is seldom, that a highlight is shown....I look away, still to this day.

Thats is what it's like to be a lifetime Seahawks Fan, hurts don't it?

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Raven Mack said...

welcome to the blog your scienceness. that story cracked me up so much I had to bore my wife with a retelling of it. she politely laughed.