Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh man... John Riggins

Here is a youtube clip of John Riggins getting all 1983 wrestling showdown on the Washington Redskins, taking this team's implosion to a new level of strange. Hopefully, this ends up with Riggins coaching the team against Dan Snyder's will, or they have a dog collar match on closed circuit TV on Thanksgiving Day. WILL THE OLD SCHOOL MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW SCHOOL? OR IS THE NEW SCHOOL NO SCHOOL AT ALL?
I anxiously await a Vinny Cerrato youtube fireback, and hopefully a Wale song out of this as well that tries to fire up the boys in burgundy and gold (or maroon and black, if you are Jim Zorn).

1 comment:

Neil said...

If there is one ex-player that I wish was associated with my team, it is probably Riggins. Well, either him or Ken Stabler.