Friday, August 14, 2009


Evidently, there is a desire for a media shit storm in Philly of which I was unaware.

I cannot get my head around this, unless Ron Mexico got real good at middle linebacker in C block. Lots of ideas for the reason (i.e., back up QB Kolb is dinged, or a wild dog offense look with DJac taking the snap and BWest, DMac, and RMex spread) take backseat to the bizarreness.

I can't even come up with anything good, and I'm not used to having no words. We out Dallas-ed Dallas. How did all the other douches like Jerry and Snyder and Al let this happen? I am already exhausted and tired of the stupid discussions about second chances and the like and I haven't even heard them yet.

While I'm thinking of this, any shit I have to hear about this will be returned times ten when he gets traded to some desperate team with a QB down in week 6.

More later

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Raven Mack said...

Don't forget the wonder rookie WR and wonder rookie RB. You guys suddenly have the making of a really great arena league team.