Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just Some Quick Thoughts

I decided I would try to do the responsible and nerdy thing and take notes during Saturday's preseason game between the Lions and the Browns. I didn't make it far. To be fair, I am not the note taking kind of dude, and so this probably shouldn't entirely be blamed on the putrid performance of the Lions, but what the hell, they certainly didn't make it easy. Anyway, this is word for word, stupid abbreviation for stupid abbreviation, what I had written down:

Kickoff - NO WTF
Browns Off. - No TD since 11/17 of last season, scored 1st Drive
Stafford - Int. 1ST PASS
Sp. Tms. SUCK

Only the word "SHIT" took up the bottom half of the page and looked like it was written by a retarded nine year old. And then there may or may not have been a doodle of an orangutan in the margins.

That was as far as I got, both with the notes and the game. It was 17-0 by then and I decided to preserve what was left of my sanity. More later, probably, if and when I decide to go back and watch whatever horrors unfolded after that point. I did read that Swayze Waters kicked a 51 yard field goal, so I might watch Point Break again instead. We'll see.

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